Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Illinois State Police

In our plan to “burn Atlanta” (aka, sue Corcoran, Malis, Elgin Mental Health Center, et al for millions), the first target was originally to obtain the police report from the day the young-black-Ben-and-old-white-social-worker scandal was discovered and the social worker was frog walked off the premises. We never quite accomplished that. Our lead PI Mike walked into the Illinois State Police District 2 headquarters in Elgin and asked for the report, but after some checking by the woman behind the counter, he was told that the report was under seal because it’s part of an active criminal investigation, and he was referred to Lieutenant Larry Martinez as the guy in charge. I don’t know whether she was supposed to reveal that, but it makes sense. Lt. Martinez finally called me after a couple weeks of voice mail messages, and within 30 seconds he repeated his mantra (“I can neither confirm nor deny that any investigation is in progress”) five times, word-for-word. What Old White Social Worker did is called sexual abuse of a disabled person, and it’s a class 3 felony in Illinois. Old White Social Worker should be prosecuted and she should go to prison for it. But Young black Ben isn’t the only victim. There is a much bigger story. My guess is, the Illinois State Police have little or no concern about any part of this beyond a single criminal charge, presumably against Old White Social Worker. This is precisely why Ben, his mom and his grandfather, my partner Joe, and our five PI’s, and our network of other patients in the Illinois forensic mental health system, and media contacts, etc., must burn Atlanta and march to the sea.

First of all, Old White Social Worker abused at least two more disabled people (Mansoor and Angelo) that we know of, and she assisted one of those two (Angelo) to elope from Elgin Mental Health Center and flee the country (that was probably a federal crime — Angelo’s escape prompted an investigation by the United States Secret Service at the time; he was an international fugitive and a child abuser).

But Old White Social Worker isn’t the only person who is in trouble. Illinois has very elaborate and strict rules about reporting the kind of sexual abuse that she perpetrated. We will obtain extensive evidence in depositions and court testimony, against many people who failed to comply with these reporting requirements because they wanted to protect their fellow plantation overseers and blame young black Ben and the other slaves, whom they believe to be somewhat lower orders of humanity (maybe three fifths or so...), after all. A whole bunch of people will lose their jobs over this.

Plus, any patient who was on Old White Social Worker’s case load between 2014 and 2017 probably has a credible claim for flagrant HIPPA confidentiality violation and healing arts malpractice. She was asking young black Ben’s opinion and advice on their treatment. Every day Ben was in her office, he had free access to other patients’ mental health files, as well as Old White Social Worker’s purse, cell phone, credit cards, etc. It’s a big scandal. There will be litigation for years. Lots of plaintiffs, lots of defendants. The media will go crazy with it.

So if I were Lt. Larry Martinez or Leo P. Schmitz of the Illinois State police (“Integrity, Service, Pride”), or Governor Bruce Rauner for that matter, I’d sure cut these corrupt slime balls loose real quick! Just saying.

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