Sunday, August 18, 2019

Malis-with-malice caves

I hate it when I’m all set for a big fight and it gets cancelled at the last minute! I was looking forward to a wonderful slaughter, but all I got to see was the asses of the bad guys running away, no blood soaked field, no heads on pikes. What a shame.

A very close friend and trusted spiritual advisor, who is probably Sun Tzu himself reborn, would protest my disappointment and insist upon the higher wisdom of winning without a pitched battle.

Even Uncle Billy Sherman allowed a whole Confederate army to escape unscathed when Savanah surrendered without a fight and became the Christmas gift to Lincoln.

So maybe I should shut the hell up and just be glad that James Baker/King of Egypt no longer has to be chained and shackled, half blind and barely able to walk at age 73, to go to the ophthalmologist or to get an MRI for his groin injury.

But I so wanted to ask Richard Malis, under oath:

Doctor, does Mr. Baker agree with your so-called diagnosis of his mental condition? Does he follow your recommendations for treatment?

Isn’t it true that you believe Mr. Baker’s so-called diagnosis (schizophrenia) requires psychiatric drugging for life? In fact, you believe that very strongly, don’t you? You never personally treat anyone with psychotherapy, only with drugs and shock, isn’t that right?

Doctor, why doesn’t Mr. Baker follow your treatment recommendations? Why can’t you convince him to follow them? Isn’t that your job, which you have been unable to do? Have any of your superiors ever asked you why you’re so unsuccessful with this patient? Do any of them care?

Have you ever worked in a private medical practice or a private clinic, where practitioners don’t have the marketing luxury of patients being delivered to them by the police? When patients are brought in to the waiting rooms of private clinics in chains, don’t you think that creates a rather negative setting for objective diagnostics and medical care? That’s obvious, common sense, isn’t it? 

Isn’t it true Doctor, that you have been forcing Mr. Baker to be chained for needed medical appointments, thereby denying him proper care despite the fact that he is non-violent, non-psychotic, polite and well behaved? Aren’t you forcing him to be chained merely because he will not kow-tow to your own (imagined) wonderfully beneficent and all-knowing authority over him? Aren’t you really punishing him for refusing your drugs? 

Doctor! Aren’t you coercing James Baker and enslaving him out of your own delusion of omnipotence, believing despite all evidence that you can “treat” him whether he likes it or not?

I never got to ask these questions in court, because Malis-with-malice chickened out and didn’t take the stand. He had promised me he’d testify under oath that he believed with a reasonable degree of medical and psychiatric certainty that James Baker had to be chained wherever he went because he was a danger to himself or others and an elopement risk. Malis-with-malice broke his promise and denied me the pleasure of the massacre I had spent a good deal of time and effort preparing for and relishing.

But I am a forgiving person like Tecumseh Sherman! In that spirit, I’ll recommend a book for Dr. Malis-with-malice that I just bought myself: The Heartland - Finding and Losing Schizophrenia, by Nathan Filer (London: Fabre & Fabre, 2019). It is said to be a very powerful book on mental health. This idea actually occurred to me as I left the courtroom yesterday, but the bad guys of the case ran away so fast I couldn’t even catch up to suggest rapproachement. Maybe if Malice and I read this book together, we can find something to talk about, or even some common understanding of relevant issues.

Miracles happen, right?

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Operations of IDHS and Jeffrey Epstein

Sexual abuse is sexual abuse. The abuser is always in a position of power over the victim, and always uses that power to derive sexual gratification from the body of another person whether that other person likes it or permits it, or not. If the victim is a child or an involuntary mental patient, then under the law there can be no mitigating issue of consent.

Jeffrey Epstein said sex with underage girls has been socially and morally accepted at many times and in many places. No doubt that's true.

Assistant Kane County State's Attorney Bill Engerman says a digital recording shows that a "patient" begged a staff to give him oral sex. That may also be true.

It doesn't matter, the law is the law. It rules or we have no society. If Jeffrey Epstein hadn't managed to kill himself, he'd be facing a very long prison sentence no matter who thought young girls should be available to him because of his money. If the EMHC staff is convicted she should also face a very long prison sentence no matter how much Bill Engerman thinks her "patients" might have enjoyed oral sex with her.

And by the way, it remains to be seen if Epstein's fortune of billions was as powerful a facility as a social worker's mere status, of being a state-employed mental health professional. Epstein paid many people to bring him girls he wanted and protect his activities. The "mental health professional" didn't have to pay anyone: the forensic psychiatric system brought her the young men she wanted and protected her automatically, all on the taxpayers!

Alexander Acosta had to resign from President Trump's cabinet because he failed or refused to bring Jeffrey Epstein to justice when he was a prosecutor in Florida. This was a big media flap.

President Donald Trump stood with Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who announced his resignation while talking to the media at the White House.

Joe McMahon, the State's Attorney of Kane County, will not run for re-election in 2020. In a letter explaining his decision he notes that, "Justice is not an exact science and what seems heavy-handed to some might seem lenient to others."

Kane County State's Attorney Joe McMahon

We only have to hope that such thoughts of inexactitude do not extend to sexual abuse of disabled persons by state employees. We have to hope that's not part of the culture of Joe McMahon's office. When a young man's life has been ruined by the cynical, cruel depravity of a "social" worker who was trusted with his rehabilitation and paid as his helper, there will be -- and there MUST be -- public outrage.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Sexual abuse and exploitation of mental patients: the perfect crime?

Over two years ago, a “patient” was released from Elgin Mental Health Center, also fondly known as, DSH. The “H” in the acronym stands for “hospital” although in this case no one had received any successful treatment, and no one ever planned any continuing care. That is, unless sexual exploitation and slavery was the “treatment”, and a secret hope to continue the illicit relationship between a middle-aged white suburban social worker and a young African-American man who was involuntarily committed to her custody was the “plan”.

In fact, the release of this “patient” from DSH on July 22, 2017 was downright chaotic. Only his family would be there to console him. He had been held in strict isolation for two weeks prior, traumatized and purposefully led to believe that he was the one who was in trouble for the sexual abuse he had suffered. (Keep in mind, this was the work of a hospital that makes lavish pretenses about helping people in mental/emotional distress, and is supposedly “dedicated by the State of Illinois to the welfare of its people for their relief and restoration; a place of hope for the healing of mind, body and spirit where many find health and happiness again.”)

The social worker had been escorted out of the facility by security a couple weeks earlier. She should have been the coordinator of an aftercare plan, but was obviously unavailable for that task. She was subsequently arrested and indicted on multiple felony counts. Even worse, she appears to have been a serial abuser, and various other victims are waiting for years or perhaps forever in the wings, for any possibility of justice.

The criminal case against the social worker has been through status hearings for a plea deal or a trial date repeatedly, month after month. Her defense attorney, Robert Stanker of the Chicago firm John W. Callahan, Ltd., seems to get along well enough with the prosecutor, Bill Engerman of the Kane County, IL State’s Attorney’s office. However the two of them have only managed to keep kicking this can down the road, as the perpetrator is free on bail while her former “patient” remains destitute, emotionally and mentally crippled by trauma.

Meanwhile, civil lawsuits in U.S. District Court in Chicago remain stalled while all the state-employed defendants piggy-back on the social worker's Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate herself and pretend that nobody knew anything, nobody saw anything, nobody heard anything. Their game plan appears to be to wait this out, let one employee take the fall and then sweep it all under the rug, continue the regular business of the plantation.

But too many people are beginning to oppose psychiatric slavery, and they will continue, as Abraham Lincoln said, “...until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn by the lash shall be repaid by another drawn with the sword.”