Friday, July 30, 2021

What would I say to someone who doesn't want to be vaccinated?

My wife is a journalist, and she recently got an assignment to write about this for a newspaper. Of course, I just have to be the smart-ass and finish my own version before she does her article....

The first thing I would tell someone, before I would presume to say anything else, is: I'm sure you have good reasons. And you have an absolute individual right to refuse any medical intervention for any reason, or for no reason.

But it doesn't end there.

I would also say: The society around you is very afraid of this virus. If you are part of that society to any extent, if you are in communication with your fellow human beings, you will have to be responsible for that fear, and for what people will do because of it. I believe you will find going forward, that almost everyone wants you to get vaccinated. They believe that your getting vaccinated will make them safer, that the environment will be less dangerous for them and for those they care about because the virus will die out like polio and smallpox did.

I might add: Maybe you can change minds about this on a scale of the whole society. Maybe you can compete with the mass media, the proclaimed 'experts' and all the powers that be, with your own facts and superior logic and legal arguments. 

But if that seems a bit daunting, you might also consider an easier, far less expensive way to get along with your neighbors. Get vaccinated. That's what I did, and it was fine...

There is a close analogy between the right to refuse vaccination and the right to refuse psychiatry. The COVID19 shots and psychiatric 'treatment' are both widely perceived to be effective, or at least practical, medical interventions. Medicine is the supreme religious faith of the world now, and disrespecting or refusing to participate in its rituals entails some risk. This is a practical consideration.

Through my legal practice I help people refuse psychiatry without pissing off their neighbors. Perhaps this is all in a spirit of religious tolerance and pluralism, which history suggests has been the greatest blessing, where it has manifested, in recent centuries. (And its opposite brought us to the black gate and the hot mushroom cloud of 1945.)

But I have a more sinister (from some views) agenda. As I am successful in helping people refuse psychiatry, I separate psychiatry from medicine and from society. I accumulate more and more anecdotal evidence of people who were ruined by the drugs and shocks and labels, and other people who became productive citizens by much better devices. Such evidence drives the real, diehard enslavers of mankind, the truly evil psychiatrists who are few and far between, absolutely crazy. 

The whole trick, as an old and very dear friend reminded me just this morning, is not to help bad guys, but to quarantine them so they don't turn other people bad.

But you have to focus attention very closely, lest righteous resistance to any quarantine grows. You have to be extremely accurate in identifying the real bad guys. One very good sign is, who objects to people getting better by their own devices, without drugs and control from their psychiatric betters?

It's like the COVID virus. Once we had its DNA nailed, it became possible to create vaccines. They seem to work very well, and they should be used. The only alternative is masks, gloves, and 'social distancing' forever, or more dead people than we are willing to accept. I hate that!

The only alternative to what I do (at least for me) is the current 'mental health system' forever. I should quote Laura Delano here: "I don't want to envision the future of the mental health system, I want to envision a future without a mental health system!"

Psychiatria delenda est!