Friday, December 24, 2010

A much uglier picture

Dr. Lisa A. Rone grumbles in today's Chicago Tribune that insurance companies are not helping psychiatrists enough. As immediate past president of the Illinois Psychiatric Society in Chicago, she insists that they change their evil ways.

In the key passage of this embarrassing, utterly deceptive editorial moan, Rone admits, "... one of the primary struggles for doctors dealing with patients who are mentally ill: patient self-awareness and compliance. It's often difficult to convince people that they have a mental illness and that they need therapy/medications for their illnesses."

I certainly hope Rone would at least endorse my original suggestion for a new disorder to be included in DSM5....

The real problem is that people don't want psychiatry for themselves. They want it for other people who are bothering them. I once pointed out the simple, objective difference between the clinical sequence of psychiatric practice and any other medical specialty, and I've never really had anyone contradict me about this.

The immediate past president of the Illinois Psychiatric Society is really trying, with her screed in today's Trib, to agitate for more utility in state coercion. She wants the insurance companies to be forced to more effectively help force people to go to psychiatrists and take psychiatric drugs.

This has nothing to do with real health or illness as most people understand and relate to those subjects. It has nothing to do with curing anything or helping sick people.

It has everything to do with brutal social control of individuals. Picture six guards holding a "patient" down screaming, while a "doctor" forces a needle into her body and injects a drug that will turn her into an uncaring, compliant sub-human.

I'm sorry to point it out on Christmas Eve, but that's the correct picture of Dr. Lisa A. Rone. She's a perpetrator of crimes against humanity.