Saturday, September 24, 2022

I can see for miles and miles and miles, oh yeah... (Gabby, Faiza)

I don't know the history of remote viewing research, at least not as well as I know the history of LSD research. American intelligence officials and psychiatrists were in thrall to both subjects at different times from the 1950's almost through the end of the century, back before the study of the mind became a much duller, fully medicalized subject.

But the old song by The Who is relevant to this blog article. It's kind of the only way I can explain how I know the stuff I will describe here. If I didn't make that point right up front, I might precipitate a totally unnecessary freak-out over who on K Unit talks to Kretchmar. There could be frantic calls to Michelle Evans and Vicky Ingram, and maybe even IDHS counsel downtown: "What can be done about this lawyer?" Innocent low-level staff might be called in for questioning and the union would have to get involved. Innocent "patients" (slaves) would be subject to retribution, creating the royal nuisance of future legal claims.

K Unit at Elgin Mental Health Center is run by a psychiatrist named Faiza Kareemi, M.D. She will almost certainly deny that she's the boss -- but as the M.D. psychiatrist, she is undeniably "more equal than others" on the unit, and in theory she has real science of the brain at her disposal (right?) so she's just a little bit more adept at perceiving and predicting human behavior. Substantially lower on the K Unit food chain is an STA named Gabby Garcia. Gabby is only a small step above prison guard status, although that might make her good at hiding things from anyone less expert than Dr. Kareemi. Even lower than Gabby is one "patient" (slave) named Latwon, who lives (sort of) in room K 113.

Well, I have recently "seen" Gabby in Latwon's room, more than once. Other EMHC staff have seen this same violation with their physical eyes (not that I believe traditional visual perception is more reliable than my own weirder remote viewing), but the thing is nobody ever reports it. Gabby and Latwon used to be on L Unit together, where people started thinking of them as a romantic couple. They frequently sit at a table in the day room playing footsie and holding hands. Gabby puts her cell phone down by a deck of cards and Latwon picks it up for a while, maybe taking a picture or accessing the internet. (I don't know -- for some reason, electronic screens don't appear in my remote view, they're always blank.)

It's ironic that this has happened before to Faiza Kareemi. Her very own K Unit was where an infamous love affair between a staff and a patient crashed and burned big-time, in 2017. That Juliet and Romeo couple, who also got started on L Unit, accidentally locked themselves in an office (which just happens to be very close to Latwon's current room), and awkwardly alerted the whole facility to their trysting. Of course, Faiza was conveniently not at work that day, or otherwise credibly (she thinks) clueless.

I don't know whether Gabby Garcia is married with a couple of sons the same age as Latwon. That was the rather disgusting story in 2017, with that social worker and her patient who got caught. But then and now, the criminal allegation is "custodial sexual abuse". Gabby, I don't know you, but I rather hope they will not indict you or send you to prison or make you register as a sex offender.

On the other hand, Faiza! You are right there five days a week. This is happening only a few feet away from you and you don't see it because you don't want to. I do see it, though. Remember the words to the song:

Here's a poke at you, you're gonna choke on it too, you're gonna lose that smile, because all the while....