Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Appeal for Unity and Collaboration

The people of Earth deserve a break. This scourge of psychiatric rule over mental health, the "expert" admonition that people are brains only -- without valid claim to spirituality, purpose or consciousness except as reduced neurochemical mechanisms -- this terrible dehumanization, must be eliminated from history.

The would-be controllers of behavior and manipulators of brain chemistry do not have a beneficent agenda. They never have. Their purpose is and always has been simply death: death of consciousess, death of honor, death of love. However they protest and whatever they say about "help", they mean only to die and to get all of us to die with them.

The majority of people in the world have very little confidence in the American, hyper-medicalized, mental health orthodoxy. But the psychs and pharma together have almost unlimited money and influence within the most powerful governments on Earth. If they are to be fought and successfully defeated, those of us who oppose them will have to be united.

I am a Scientologist. There are people who fight psychiatry but remain quite happy to waste my license to practice law, and any wealth or social influence that I can bring to bear, just because they hate my religion. I would work with them whatever they believe, but they refuse to work with me. Guys like Torrey and Jaffe just have to love this! It's very bad strategy, and it will land us in the clutches of those who think we should all be "treated" whether we like it or not.

Maybe some think my religion is more dangerous than psychiatry. If so they should be honest about it and go do research on pills to deprogram people from errant beliefs. Good riddance and lots of luck with that delusion!

Meanwhile, people are held down by guards and needles are forced into their bodies to inject poisons "for their own good"; disability rates rise rapidly as wealth and human culture evaporate; criminals practice telling courts that their violent crimes were caused by their genes or their overactive killing glands; the urban legend of a chemical imbalance in the brain is still presented fraudulently as science; our children and their children fail without honor, ethics, purpose or future; the world collapses on itself and has only the bomb left, only suicide. The rough beast's hour comes round at last.

Come on guys! Fight psychiatry, don't fight anyone else.