Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Malis & Corcoran, sexual abuse, psychiatric slavery

I had the thrill today of being in the same room with Richard Malis and James Patrick Corcoran, simultaneously, for about twenty minutes! These are the two guys who (perhaps somewhat secretly) run the whole machinery of “treatment” at Elgin Mental Health Center, aka “DSH”.

Malis is a pasty-faced, plump M.D. psychiatrist who pretends to have no interest in anything beyond the clinical cases he is directly and officially responsible for on Hartman Unit. Corcoran is a pasty-faced, slightly less-plump M.D. psychiatrist whose actual job title (it may be “Statewide Forensic Medical Director”-?) almost no one knows. Corcoran once testified under oath that Malis had been unwilling to take the Medical Director position at DSH, just because of about a dozen “difficult” patients all legally represented by me.

During today’s monthly staffing, Malis and Corcoran made kind of a show, to establish a false pretense that Corcoran had no previous knowledge of my client Jack’s glaucoma and lack of proper medical attention caused by Malis’ mean-spirited revocation of his passes, which would require him to go to a public clinic in chains. (See my previous article on this situation. Today there was no Tom Zubik present, perhaps because Zubik can’t be trusted to whole-heartedly support institutional retribution against Jack or the totalistic “drug-them-all-whether-they-like-it-or-not” psychiatric cult.)

So far, Corcoran has been named as the lead defendant in two federal lawsuits for sexual abuse of “patients” (slaves) by staff (overseers) on this plantation. Malis has not yet been named in such a suit, although there will be various opportunities. One new case will be filed in the next month or so, and it will be no surprize if there are a dozen of them a year from now.

The sexual abuse is endemic on the plantation because Malis and Corcoran, and maybe others above them, find it useful. They cannot imagine that psychiatric slaves should have any rights to their own bodies or  their own dignity anyway. As with the old slavemasters in the antebellum Southern states, the presumption is that these are subhuman beings; but it’s practical to keep them happy and quiet, so if sex with staff works for that purpose it can be ignored.

The idea fails mostly because the presumption is false. Ben Hurt, Mark Owens, Jack and the others are not subhuman. They know all too well that what Malis and Corcoran pretend is “help” is really monumental exploitation and existential spiritual harm. They will seek and demand justice.

Psychiatria delenda est!