Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Corcoran's "safety"

I attended a client's monthly staffing out at Dick Suck Hospital in Elgin this morning. In attendance was James Patrick Corcoran, the so-called "Medical Director". As always, Corcoran immediately asked whether anyone was recording anything. I told him (pointing at my head), "Every word."

One statement of Corcoran's that I "recorded" was that it's his job to protect the safety of all the "patients" at Dick Suck Hospital. (Corcoran doesn't actually call it by that name, which I recently made up myself. My wife objects that I seem to be channelling Donald Trump in using such crass words, but this new name for Elgin Mental Health Center is quite appropriate, it might stick. Maybe I'll just use an acronym, "DSH" from now on.) I pointed out that Corcoran does that particular job of protecting the safety of "patients" very poorly! He coudn't resist a very quick, sarcastic, "Thank you." (Kind of like that sing-song chant of 6-year-olds, "I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I?")

What "safety" has he protected for the particular client whose staffing I was attending today? She was sexually assaulted (as most "patients" probably are at DSH), violently force-drugged on two separate occasions, battered by other "patients" at the behest of staff, and encouraged by staff and actively incited to attempt suicide. She's currently being threatened with transfer back to the very clinical unit (White Cottage) where she was least safe, during all her years at DSH. Today, Corcoran and another DSH administrator in the staffing pointedly refused to rule out this threatened, terrifying transfer. Within a couple weeks we'll find out just how blatantly abusive they're willing to be.

The "treatment" strategy is clearly to threaten this patient, to scare her into slavish obedience with every slightest whim and preference of staff, and to teach her that her thoughts, preferences and feelings count for absolutely nothing. She's been on "frequent obs" for many weeks. This is a degrading restriction that basically involves intrusive staff observation and restriction on movement, to dramatize distrust of and disrespect for the individual, and to demonstrate that the relationship is one of true slavery. It is not continued because there is any danger (this was openly admitted in the staffing), but only out of spite, that this "patient" remains defiant and will not be "redirected" into pretending to love the plantation and pretending that overseers are doctors.

Corcoran's idea of "safety" is for all DSH "patients" to be utterly submissive slaves. If any staff ever socialize with him and get invited into his home, I'd suggest that you should probably expect to see a bullwhip, mounted proudly above his fireplace!

Psychiatria delenda est!

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  1. You are denigrating the word "hospital". I think a better term for Elgin would be "Dick Suck Shithole" or DSS for short.