Friday, November 3, 2017


Apprently the N Unit Administrator of the Day called all "Patients" together this morning for an announcement. It was said that if anyone were to see snything "upsetting" on the news, they should talk to staff about it right away, and somebody will help them.

I told the individual who informed me of this that she should go to one of those wonderful helpful staff and tell them she was very upset by the WGN story of sex slavery at the Elgin plantation, and that she wants some counseling for her upset, right away!

I'll look forward to hearing about what such counseling consists of! How will they reassure people, "Oh, don't worry about these crimes that are being committed! It's alll under control and we're here to help you with modern psychiatry."

I imagine there were overseers on plantations along the route through Georgia, who had comparable announcements for the slaves they were in charge of, "Don't y'all worry none now, 'bout Sherman's Yankees. They ain't comin' here, cuz we got a strong Confederate army under General John Bell Hood just up in Augusta, and those boys in gray will look out for us all!

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