Thursday, November 16, 2017

Save Elgin! Save the mental health profession!

A couple months ago I wrote an article about how bad a group can go when its members fail to insist upon and enforce a standard of ethics among themselves.

Why does one staff at Elgin Mental Health Center still have a license as a social worker?

The Assoiation of Social Work Boards (ASWB) publishes a “Guildbook For Social Work Disciplinry Acrions” which includes the following section, subtitled, “Summary Suspension”:

It is recommended that social work boards be authorized to summarily suspend a license before a formal hearing should extraordinary circumstances exist which require the immediate protection of the health, safety and welfare of the public.  Under such authority, the board may summarily suspend the license of a practitioner without a formal adjudication. However, a formal hearing must be held within a short period of time specified by the statute (e.g. thirty days).  It is in this formal hearing that the individual will be afforded due process rights.

Isn’t it time?? A social worker took confessed child molestor Angelo to O’Hare airport and put him on a plane out of the country! So a pedophile has been walking the streets for eleven years, no way to know how many victims! The social worker might well decide to effectively abscond from Illinois herself, at any moment now, with her social worker’s license fully intact! That means she can get a job somewhere else that will enable her to start sexually abusing black men with impunity, all over again. There are dozens of credible people at Elgin Mental Health Center now, who can make sure this does not happen. File a complaint with the proper authority! Don’t just sit there and pretend you know nothing. You might end up being very sorry.

If the worst happens, it will be because everything I’ve ever said about EMHC being a slave plantation, NOT a hospital where anyone is ever helped by “medicine”, is understatement. The longer it takes for you guys to get honest and straight, the worse the fallout will become. For my own abolitionist puposes, so much the better! You may think you’d be “defecting” to my side and betraying your peers by coming forward. But in fact, you betray your supposed profession by remaining silent! 

The nice plaque in the public reception area of EMHC’s forensic Treatment Building reads, “This is a hospital dedicated by the State of Illinois to the welfare of its people for their relief and restoration; a place of hope for the healing of mind, body and spirit where many find health and happiness again.”

If that message is anything but an obscene irony, I would think that somebody within the organization of such a benign institution would choose to stop the ugliness created by certain staff! If nobody does, the message is a very evil lie, and you guys will just have to live with that, every day when you walk past the beautiful plaque.

Such weirdnesses always end. Well or badly, but always. For godssakes guys, at least get 
this social worker’s license suspended!

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