Thursday, October 19, 2017

William “Harvey Weinstein” Epperson

My last post was entitled, “Malis, Corcoran, and the Campbell Family Perverts”.  The truth is, I don’t know anyone in the Campbell family, and I kind of feel bad about summarily labeling all of them as perverts.  Especially Mariah, whom I suspect is a good young woman who works hard. I doubt she would have such bad taste as to bonk Bill Epperson (he’s really an ugly little shit of a man!) in the parking lot, unless she was coerced/sexually harassed. I know Elgin Mental Health Center is not Hollywood, but power is power and people are people. “People + power” sure can = “very strange sex”.

The Harvey Weinstein media brouhaha has demonstrated that young women can be captured by men who seem powerful. Maybe this is what happened with Mariah and the Chief.

Lots of Elgin MHC staff read this blog. I’ll say it right now: If anyone knows of a sexual harassment case, PLEASE CALL ME (847-370-5410). I’ll do my best to win monetary damages for victims and crucify perpetrators. And if it makes you nervous (don’t worry, it’s bound to) to come forward with something like this, just take a lesson from the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Think about how many other women have been, and will be, victimized. Be a hero, blow the whistle early. Whoever speaks up first gets off, and everyone else gets blamed.

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