Saturday, October 14, 2017

Refinement of American Slavery, Part 4

Today my twitter feed is full of Stephen Paddock speculation. Nobody knows why the Las Vegas shooter killed fifty-nine innocent concert goers and put hundreds more in the hospital. Of course, he was “treated” by psychiatrists, that’s a mandatory qualification for mass shooters. In his case it was Valium, “mother’s little helper” straight out of the fifties when we all still believed modern medicine was the road to salvation. One “expert in benzodiazapines” speculated that the reason he was prescribed psychotropic drugs probably has more to do with what happened than the drug itself. But the prescribing psych isn’t talking, and it ought to be noticed that they never do. They cite HIPPA and privacy, but of course, the only person whose privacy was intended to be protected by HIPPA is dead. Dead bodies have no privacy, that’s for sure. They get laid out on a slab and examined inside and out, without a single “Excuse me,” by strangers.

Another speculation about Paddock had to do with his father being a psychopath and him being mean to his girlfriend at Starbuck’s. The roles of abused and abuser are not exactly interchangeable, but they certainly alternate and connect in time. Maybe Stephen Paddock was abused by his father. Maybe he was abused by the psych who prescribed the benzo. Maybe Paddock’s father was abused by a psych. The abused become abusers. The crew on K and L Units at Elgin carefully taught Ben to be a pervert. It happens systematically in psychiatric institutions. And guess what: the ultimate “reason” that Stephen Paddock was prescribed Valium was not a “disease” that the “medicine” would cure (and Chief Epperson was not “helping” the young STA learn her new job, either!)... it was rather, purely and simply, that somebody wanted a human machine they could control, a slave they could own. Same thing with Ben, his social worker wanted her own sex slave. Oops, it didn’t work out. It never does, because living individuals are in fact far too difficult to enslave completely or forever. The early history of the United States was the broadest experiment and the most convincing proof of the futility of such ambitions.

Now we have young black Ben, who learned under his old white social worker’s complete duress that the way to deal with his situation was to disconnect - to decide that he just didn’t care about anything any more, and that sex is perversion that people use to control each other. He has to walk a long, long way back from that, before he’ll have any normal life or normal relationships.

Illinois psychiatry is sex, drugs, control, institutionalized abuse. We pay for it, probably because we have a deep, fundamental instinct to own slaves. That’s the only reason tragedies like Las Vegas happen, and there just isn’t any medical explanation or cause to discover.

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