Friday, October 27, 2017

Dehumanization: Kareemi & Malone

I was passively listening to “Good Morning America” (my wife’s standard wake-up fare, although she says that’s really not what she would prefer to be known for...) this AM, still all about the Harvey Weinstein/sexual harassment issue. A female attorney panelist answered a host’s question, “What is the first thing any woman should do if she’s confronted with this kind of problem?” Of course (!!) the answer was a slightly subtler version of, “Hire me and pay me lots of money...” I think it came out slightly more contrived, like, “The first thing she must do is find out what the law is that applies to her. It’s state law, always, and it varies from state to state.”

My thought was: What’s the matter with the first thing being, Kick the offender’s ass? Or how about, (if you want to be more civilized — some of us do): Tell the offender he’s being an asshole and he should STOP?

The law is merely social machinery. It doesn’t even work, except when live people make it work. You will never accomplish anything by using the law that you can’t accomplish by presenting a body, standing in front of a person fully visible, and changing their mind. I don’t care whether the person whose mind needs to be changed is an insane, violent felon, a sex feind, or a nice family member. It works the same way, regardless.

Anytime you’re afraid, and you don’t quite know what of, you can rest assured it’s yourself! If you cannot stand in front of another person and change his or her mind, it’s because you’re not certain of your own mind. The most fundamental, most debilitating fear, is of the evil that you yourself have done that you don’t want others to know, and that you don’t even want to remember.

So-called “mental health professionals” are part of a machine. They are cogs in the wheels. The machine is totally mired in fear. It’s basic construction material is fear. The most fundamental evil act is to turn a living person into a mechanism (spiritual murder) for the purpose of owning and controlling them. This is precisely what psychiatry does, more than any other subject or discipline in all human history. A person is merely a brain, right? So we can poison that brain, shock it, slice it up, and control the person, right? They sell us this as “forensic psychiatry”, and we buy Elgin Mental Health Center (young-black-Ben-and-old-white-social-worker, Corcoran, Malis, Chief Epperson and the Campbell family perverts and all!) in Illinois, with our hard-earned and rapidly-wasting-away tax dollars.

Speaking of which, I’ve noticed that articles on this blog get many times more readers when they mention and insult individuals by name (preferably in the headline). So here’s my latest high-value target.... K and L Clinical Units at EMHC were the scene of the young-black-Ben-and-old-white-social-worker crimes of sexual abuse of a disabled person, plus flagrant HIPPA violation, plus disgustingly extreme intentional medical malpractice. Dan Malone and Faisa Kareemi are two of the “Mental health professionals” on those units. It so happens that right now they have a patient named Trevor, whose father is a good friend of mine.

Dan and Faisa are now telling Trevor that there’s no way he’ll ever be released from his psychiatric slavery unless he agrees to long-acting injections of psychotropic drugs. It’s a flat-out cowardly lie, of course: Trevor will never agree to that, and he’ll be released anyway, in about a month. Dan and Faisa are incapable of changing his mind about the “medication” because they are afraid, ultimately of themselves. They’ve turned too many living people into machines. Unfortunately for them, they are now high-value targets for me. (That goes double for Faisa because although she totally acts like an overseer on a plantation, she pretends to be a doctor in a hospital. One element in that elaborate pretense is, no doubt, a nice fat medical malpractice insurance policy, or indemnity by the Illinois Department of Human Services (same deal for my purposes). Kareemi has recently been visited by private investigators working for me on the Hurt case because of her connection to the crimes of the old white social worker. But I’ve known her for a long time. I’ve sat across the table from her, and her cowardice is more than obvious; it’s sickeningly, even physically palpable, stinking, when you’re in the same room with her. I’m not sure I know Dan Malone, but I look forward to knowing him!

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