Friday, October 20, 2017

James Patrick Corcoran for groundskeeper

In a staffing at Chicago Read Mental Health Center today, Dr. Corcoran only had enough courage to show up by speaker phone. It was a forgone conclusion perhaps, but recent email evidence has shown with certainty that Corcoran is the end of the line of responsibility in Illinois, for keeping “patients” locked up who don’t need to be. I.e., he’s the top-dog slave overseer, the buck stops with him.

The new Medical Director at Read (Rick somebody...) complained that he now has a lot of new little, technical things he has to do or account for because of things that happened recently, not even at Chicago Read, but at Elgin. I think this is a reference to the young-black-Ben-and-old-white-social-worker thing. Oh well, Rick...

Chicago Read is kind of depressing. The clinical units are dark and box-like. The few windows look out to grounds that are dilapidated and overgrown.

At one point I asked Corcoran whether he’s the guy who’s supposed to mow the lawn. (It would at least be honest work, unlike his pretense of being a real doctor.)

He was still on the speaker phone but he didn’t answer that question.

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