Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Malis, Corcoran, and the Campbell Family Perverts

This is part five, of perhaps dozens still to come, in my article, “The Refinement of American Slavery.”

James Patrick Corcoran and Richard Malis were at a staffing today, for which I was late and thereby missed, much to their satisfaction, I’m pretty sure. My client is a “patient” whom I have represented for many years. He’s one of the guys on Corcoran’s list of most difficult patients because he is in full remission from Schizophrenia without drugs. That’s a difficult situation for Malis and Corcoran, because they deeply believe and promote the idea tha schizophrenia is an actual brain disease that has to be treated with drugs. Any “patient” whose presentation contradicts that orthodoxy is certainly difficult!

It’s more important to Corcoran and Malis to maintain control of the slaves than it is to improve them. They know perfectly well they can’t cure anybody’s mental illness: they’re not really doctors, they’re plantation overseers. Thus they don’t worry about young black Ben being abused by his old white social worker on a daily basis for YEARS, so much as they worry about the bad examples set by patients who get better without “medication”. That’s a much bigger problem. Especially considering that “patients” are owned, after all. Why not use the slaves? That’s what they’re for, and staff are entitled.

Speaking of which, there are whole families who work together at Elgin Mental Health Center, and sometimes they share corrupt habits. Like the Campbells. Craig Campbell drew a complaint recently from a female “patient” who reported him to the Illinois State Police for sexually harassing her. His wife Lorrie Campbell strip-searched a male “patient” not too long ago, for no good reason  (she probably just wanted to see a black man naked). Ironically, Chief Bill Epperson was present for that incident, and he later had sex in the parking lot (reportedly) with Craig and Lorrie‘s daughter Mariah Campbell. It’s a pretty tight culture at Elgin.

I was so disappointed to miss the staffing this morning, because I had planned to ask some very pointed questions about all this corruption. I imagined that maybe Corcoran and Malis would have had me ejected by security. Maybe Chief Epperson would have escorted me out of the building, and I’d have had an opportunity to confirm that the girl in the parking lot was Mariah.

I also would have loved to ask Bill why his luck could be SO bad as to get caught in a single quickie... when an old white social worker had gotten away with sucking the dick of a “patient” every day for three years. It’s kind of like, “Hey Bill! Are you just too damned STUPID to ever get away with anything, or what?”

Maybe Chief Epperson would have called the police to have me arrested. The default jurisdiction is with the Illinois State Police. Their Division of Internal Affairs is already investigating the young-black-Ben-and-old-white-social-worker matter (although the investigator in charge, Lieutenant Larry Martinez -phone # 847-642-4466 will only say that he “cannot confirm or deny that any investigation is in progress.” This is the standard disclaimer, when criminal charges are likely! I might also have asked whether Detective Rick Sandoval ever filed a report, after interviewing the patient who complained about Craig Campbell’s advances. If not, why? Is Craig, or his whole family of pervert abusers somehow immune, as an insider who is entitled, just like the social worker? Just like the white Southern plantation class from a previous century?

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