Thursday, March 9, 2023

Here's what's going to happen

 Damn! I feel like I've turned into my mother, almost sixty years ago saying, "I'm afraid you'll get that girl pregnant and you won't go to college and it will ruin your life..."

I don't know Gabby Garcia, or anything at all, including a surname, about her patient "Latwon" (which name I put inside quotation marks because I'm only spelling it phonetically and I might have it wrong). But I know what's happening on the clinical units at EMHC. And I'm pretty sure I can predict what's going to happen, so for whatever it's worth....

1.) Gabby will get moved off K Unit again, maybe briefly, maybe not. Administration will "invetsigate" by allowing her and Latwon to deny all allegations.

2.) Gabby and Latwon will be sad, and complain in (as best they can) ways which attempt to hide anything beyond a clinical relationship. They will probably not be entirely successful: people will be suspicious.

3.) Faiza Kareemi and Drew Beck will be dead-ended in their careers, and retire soon. (Fine, I admit this is an easy one, since they are both at about that age anyway.)

4.) Latwon's ability to recover from whatever bullshit "diagnosis" he is labelled with will be harmed, because he will always confuse the project of learning how to think, feel, and behave better to get along in the real world, with the experience of being secretly in love with Gabby.

5.) Gabby will unceremoniously dump Latwon, because whatever pretense of a "relationship" she has encouraged him to believe is real will prove impossible.

6.) Everyone will be embarrassed; and administrative staff will be especially demoralized by the fact that I knew all this shit while they didn't, and they're too afraid to even call me to argue or talk about it!

Maybe I'm wrong. My mother was.

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