Thursday, March 16, 2023

Gerry Marinas, Shanovia, and Borelli

I love the quote from Nelson Borelli that if the fear is of blood, it is the injustice that will bring blood. He mentioned the historical context of Scharansky, Malcolm X and Mandela. I have frequently compared the injustices of the forensic psychiatric system to the injustices of slavery. Slavery, of course, brought more blood in this country than any other injustice ever did, or perhaps (we should hope!) ever will.

Lincoln hit it on the head in his Second Inaugural with, "...until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword." His own blood was spilled only a month after he spoke those words.

It seems to me that if the fear is of sex crimes, it is the attempt to own persons as chattel that will bring sex crimes. Last year a “patient” on the Elgin plantation delivered a baby, and that baby had been conceived in the storage room on the White Cottage clinical unit. Nobody was interested, for a long time, in exactly how two patients managed to conceive a child in that particular storage room on the White Cottage Unit. I think the Administration was probably worried that it wasn't two patients, but maybe it was one patient and one staff.

We're talking about Shanovia and Paul here, of course! Obviously, they had to get into the storage room unobserved and not be interrupted for some period of time. They certainly had someone helping them or covering for them. We're talking about Tiggen here, of course!

Tiggen went on a leave of absence when Shanovia was discovered to be pregnant. Meanwhile, other White Cottage staff are putting pressure on Shanovia and looking for a scapegoat. Maybe they think they can pin the deed of helping Paul and Shanovia conceive a child in the storage room on someone other than Tiggen, and coerce Shanovia into giving false evidence about that or neglecting to contradict false evidence. The ringleader in this appears to be Gerry Marinas. Shanovia is a bit delicate and vulnerable. She cries a lot. Today Gerry put her on 15-minute checks, and falsely accused her of hurting herself, so the STA's can barge into her room while she's trying to sleep, and take pictures or otherwise harass her.

The point is absolutely not to protect Shanovia or keep her safe. It's to torment her, to punish her for conceiving a baby and giving birth while she was a slave on the plantation, without permission or orders. Or was it actually without permission or orders? Maybe Tiggen is running some kind of breeding operation. She should be questioned very closely, about why she intentionally allowed two patients to use the storage room to have sex. It absolutely was Tiggen who did that, by the way. That's why she went on leave of absence.

Meanwhile, the other staff who is apparently earmarked as the scapegoat is being falsely accused and "investigated" and threatened with termination. At least, that's the story I'm getting. Colleen Delaney may be the one assigned to that errand by Administration. Colleen will make sure that Tiggen is exonerated in favor of someone who is not tough enough with the patients. (Although... Tiggen wasn't especially "tough" on Paul and Shanovia back in September of 2021, which was nine months before the baby was born; she was very nice to them then.)

What I can't figure out is how anyone thinks the truth will not come out. Paul is a good witness. maybe they'll have to kill him, like they tried to kill his unborn daughter. Shanovia is probably believed to be the weak point. But I suspect she's a lot tougher than they think. Gerry Marinas and the other thugs on White Cottage will try to intimidate and suppress Shanovia, but they'll only create a record of their thuggery.

Several people will go down for sex crimes. That's what Administration fears. But owning slaves is what will bring sex crimes, like injustice is what will bring blood: the Illinois Department of Human Services shouldn't own slaves.

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