Saturday, March 18, 2023

Adversarial,not therapeutic

Anyone who complains is suspected of deteriorating mental health, at best. More likely, if you're known as a complainer, you'll be punished. That's the reality on the plantation. It does, in fact, cut the complaints way back. People want their freedom and their pensions. Being known as a complainer can cost you.

For some years on White Cottage, "patients" were told explicitly, as they walked through the door into the Nurse Manager's office or Psychiatrist Syed Hussain's office:"Before you say a single word about any of my staff, you should know that I am going to believe them before I believe you. Now, what is it?" I know at least one person who was sexually abused for years by multiple staff on that unit, but turned around and walked out rather than report it, when that admonition was given. As it turns out now, that particular "Patient" was not only the victim of (felony) custodial sexual abuse, but also of an extremely ugly medical battery causing lifelong, irreparable harm.

Lower level overseers are in a very similar position to "patients". If they take OIG Rule 50 literally and report every suspicion of abuse or neglect, they become extremely unpopular with their peers very quickly. That's bad for your career. And until you get caught as a participant in a cover-up, it seems safer to just shut up. Thus the likes of Faiza Kareemi, Drew Beck (who contra my recent piece about what's going to happen, is already retired; I had forgotten, or blocked it out because it is so offensive to me, almost like Richard Helms being able to die a natural death), Hasina Javed, Jeff Pharis, and many other witnesses, can all indulge in the mass delusion of, "We never dreamed anything sexual was going on!"

White Cottage is the one place where something sexual obviously, undeniably, was going on. The only way out of admitting that, since Robert Sharpe, Stoyka Meyer and crew failed to provoke a miscarriage or coerce an abortion, is to suggest the immaculate conception of Paul and Shanovia's baby girl.

But everywhere, all around the plantation, on every unit, the milieu is adversarial, not therapeutic. It is becoming more and more adversarial and less and less therapeutic every day. Staff and administrators don't come to work, and patients are laughing at them and reporting them to OIG, or submitting consumer concern forms more frequently than ever. EMHC is a dog's breakfast. Late last week, I spoke to an Administrator I (that's the lowest classification of administrator), who told me in an alarmed voice, "Today I'm the only one here!"

It's not a hospital. If the fear is of blood....

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