Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Gabby and Latwon: still inseparable

OK, so how's this for suspicious "boundary issues"-?

Last night at about 8:30-9:00 PM, at EMHC on the infamous K Unit (maybe we'll start calling it the "Love Unit") run by Faiza Kareemi and Drew Beck (who would never imagine in their wildest dreams that anything sexual is ever going on!), the cute "Juliet & Romeo" couple, STA Gabby Garcia and patient Latwon, were sitting together in the west dayroom, folding Latwon's laundry.

It's not like folding laundry together is having sex, or making out, or even footsies. But Latwon is not disabled in any sense that would make him incapable of putting his own socks and underpants away. It's not like he needed Gabby's hands on that, it wasn't her job. And it was very obvious to anyone who was paying attention: they're boyfriend and girlfriend. It's plainly romantic, it's not clinical.

When I wrote about this lovestruck pair back in September, they may have been separated briefly, or there may have been some glib 'investigation' which, of course, found nothing. But they are back together now, looking so sweet once again. Gabby sits with her man and lets him hold and view her cell phone, she often lingers in the doorway to his room. Last night, the laundry "date" was directly observed by staff (Joe and Candy) in the nurse's station. Earlier, other staff must have seen them sitting together with the cell phone, or her standing in his doorway for long chats. 

Faiza Kareemi and Drew Beck absolutely know the liability of missing signs like this. They're just never there, they're miraculously always off the unit or out that day, when these plain clues of such boundary violations, as are known to lead to felony custodial sexual abuse, manifest right where anyone might rationally expect is under their noses. And nobody like Candy and Joe ever tells them anything, Faiza and Drew just never suspect....

The reason nobody ever tells Faiza and Drew anything is: they know perfectly well that Faiza and Drew don't care. They know that the culture of the plantation is devoted to keeping the slaves compliant. Forget the law, and forget "mental health". If people think they're in love, at least they'll get dreamy-eyed and shut the hell up.

Who cares what happens? It's not really a hospital, after all.

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