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SLOUCHING, Part 14 (Bibliography)

Sources and Bibliography:


Fans of Adelle Davis (conversations in person or by phone) — Jacquelyn Meyers, George Meyers, Tom Meyers, Mary Anne Ahmad, Fazil Ahmad, Sue Strzuski, Sean Allen, Colin Thorne, Linda Sarkovich, Cathey True, Cheryl Berman, Robert Berman, Alan Nadolna, Sue Averill, Robert Furniss, Prof. John Rowe, Sarah Wells, Jesse Wells, Charles Uslander, Paddy Cunningham, Annie Cunningham, Steve Pinaire, Ray Boland, Jim Fisher, Diane Fisher, Peter Nelson, Pam King, Toni Shrambanis, Roger Akayama, Kathy Norman, Diane Stein, Jeanne Hornes, Jim Arnold, Sarah Arnold, Bill Penninger, Robert Bein, Betsy Bein, Tom Dickson, Sherry Dickson, Beverley Kretchmar, Lauran Kretchmar, Robert Pifke, Lauran Pifke, Greg Schoononver, Michel Schoonover, Pam Peterson, Linda Kravitz, David Kravitz:
September, 1997 - May, 1998

“John” of the Albert Hofmann Foundation in Los Angeles (by phone):
April 15, 1998

Leisey, George (by phone):
December 26, 1997
April 2, 1998
April 16, 1998
April 30, 1998

Saxon, Wolfgang (by phone):
April 28, 1998


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