Friday, May 12, 2023


This so-called “doctor” believes he’s in control. He’s a pathetic, arrogant bully. My guy Gus has recently become so ideologically aligned with my personal anti-psychiatry philosophy and my abolitionist agenda, primarily because this particular psychiatrist has tried so hard to punish him and suppress him; and it was never necessary. 

But Sharpe doesn’t know the difference between punishing and helping a person. To him, these two things are the same as long as he’s the one doling it out. 

Gus asks a lot of questions, and he points out a lot of (often insignificant, perhaps) wrongnesses. But he doesn’t lie, and he doesn’t make many mistakes either. I have repeatedly taken what I thought might be risks, by publishing facts that I’ve gotten from Gus which I probably wasn’t able to independently verify. They’ve all turned out to be true.

The units Sharpe has worked on at EMHC are a disaster. Gabby and Latwon are allowed to fall in love in plain view; Nurse Manager Jai is allowed to keep telling staff, “Hey, let’s not report any suspicions about sexual activity to Administration or OIG, just keep it on the unit!”

This mafia-like culture comes from the top. On any particular clinical unit, the top is an MD psychiatrist. Sharpe, Hussain, Kareemi, Malis (great name, you can’t make that up!), and above them, Corcoran. The psychiatrists are the slave masters, with many overseers working under them. If you look far enough up the bureaucratic food chain, you may find non-MD’s who have managed to become slave masters as well. But it’s the actual psychiatrists who make the plantation what it is, with their horrible, dehumanizing philosophy that an individual is a machine, a brain, to be manipulated and controlled by medical technology. 

I recently met Dr. Meyer in person. I had believed her to be as bad as Sharpe. She’s quite assertive of her professional status, but not unpleasant or unhelpful or unintelligent. So maybe I was wrong about her. 

Who knows, maybe I’ll meet Sharpe in person and he won’t just try to talk over me and shut Gus and me up. Maybe he’ll act like a decent human being. 

But for now, I think he’s a total idiot. 

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