Friday, May 19, 2023

COVID and Psychiatry

Perhaps COVID 19 is related to human bodies (or the human race as an animal species) in exactly the same way that psychiatry is related to human society and culture. For me, a cure for COVID or a reliable defense against viral “pandemics” seems like precisely the same kind of project as defeating psychiatry.

I just read the abstract of an immunological study (it required clearing up some medical and biological terms, that's for sure!), which made me think that so-called “long COVID” is caused by what amounts to a tactical military intelligence failure by the immune system. The body sends the wrong troops to fight the wrong enemy with the wrong weapons, in specific battles (e.g., the “Second Battle of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid”). Thus, the virus survives in the war, and it continues to affect the body. More battles become necessary.

People wonder how the hell certain psychiatric ideas continue to percolate through our culture and cause harm. This is also, clearly, a tactical military intelligence failure. In fighting the virus of psychiatry, the correct troops do not arrive at the right place at the right time to win certain battles (e.g., the “Third Battle of Forced Drugging at Elgin Mental Health Center”), so the war drags on, and psychiatric ideas keep coming back to screw us up. 

The ultimate defeat of psychiatric fraud and coercion will come only when we can improve our intel, at the (analogous) level of minor ground patrols or skirmishes and all the way up to the whole theater of war around the world. Likewise, a cure for COVID will only be possible when the human body can improve the intel function of its immune system.

Both of these improvements will absolutely require a more capable and causative command. The individual commanding a body must become sufficiently able, industrious, curious, and willing, to actually improve the functioning of an enormous, complex army which is the immune system. And the only possible benevolent command for our human world must become a group that is ethical and competent enough to actually direct the administration of Earth, rather than merely control populations with lies and drugs.

Intelligence can be tactical or strategic: military, biological, or spiritual. It is always a product of two (and only two) things: analytical ability and organization.

I am recently much encouraged, from contemplating developments in mental health, public awareness, media, politics, and law. The cure for COVID and the defeat of psychiatric oppression may be right around the corner!

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