Thursday, May 11, 2023

Hey, hey, STA Shinzetta Warlick

 The "mental health professional" in the title is an STA-III. That's a pretty high position. She gets a paycheck day after tomorrow, for $6800.00 (gross pay).

But some years ago, Shinzetta had a brief romantic/sexual fling with a male patient. Since he was involuntarily committed at the IDHS facility where Shinzetta was staff, she could have been charged with a felony at the time. There's little likelihood of criminal prosecution now, but this thing is not going away.

What happened was more or less detailed in my post to this blog on February 3. As always, I promise to retract, remove, and apologize for, anything I write about any named individual if it turns out to be untrue. I have in fact removed whole articles, and amended others, in the past. And that was even though what was written was not, strictly speaking, untrue, it was just unnecessarily mean. Shinzetta should call me.

But I have not heard anything from her yet. The story I am referring to can thus only be presumed to be basically accurate. 

Hard to say how long before it's a big flap.

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