Monday, October 24, 2022

Yo! K Unit social workers…

The following five people, as best I know, are the professionally licensed social workers on K & L Unit at Elgin Mental Health Center:

Dan, Jessica, Matthew, Jennifer, Lindsay.

"Professionally licensed" means, specifically, subject to the authority of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) under many laws which have the intention, basically, of protecting the public. When a licensed social worker breaks the law, especially if he/she breaks the law that directly applies to their job as a social worker, and if the IDFPR hears about that (which can easily happen since people can file complaints on line), they tend to ask questions.

For example, if Dan, Jessica, Matthew, Jennifer or Lindsay were to just suspect, or just hear rumors, about Gabby Garcia and a patient named Latwon being "boyfriend and girlfriend," and if they did not call OIG to report that within four hours after hearing the rumor, they would actually be breaking the law. OIG Rule 50 says you have to report mere rumors, even if you know they couldn't possibly be true.

There are other licensed professionals on K Unit who are in the same situation. Today is just social workers' day.

OMG! I just realized, anyone who reads this article has gotten this rumor, about Gabby Garcia and Latwon.... I'm sure you'll be calling OIG before someone reports you to IDFPR for not following the law.

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