Sunday, July 31, 2022

Redux: Abused by a COWARDLY psychiatrist (Dr. J and the advice of J. Duncan Dooglethorpe)

    I can't help noticing that among the most popular articles I've ever written on this blog is my note about an ARDC complaint from more than eight years ago, and my attendant speculations at that time.

    I have been practicing law for a bit longer now, and I rather regret having created any impression that I would laugh at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Illinois Supreme Court. That could be perceived as disrespectful. My actual disrespect was in fact not toward the ARDC, but toward anyone who would file an anonymous complaint and expect to get action.

    When I complain or make an accusation, I put my name on it! I usually add my address and phone number. That's because I am fully confident that any person who intends me harm will run away when I confront them, and any person with good intent will be amenable to my sincere apology if the complaint or accusation turns out to be unfounded.

    I remember Dr. Alicia Martin, although not very well. She probably was not a bad person. I was critical of her (I called her an abuser) because she was a psychiatrist who coerced someone I advocated for. But I honestly don't remember the details behind what I wrote. Now, nearly eight years later, staff at EMHC apparently still read that one blog article more than almost any other....

    Or maybe it's just one person who is obsessed. Maybe it's a psychiatrist to whom I once referred as, "Dr. J". Maybe this is the same person who told the state police that I hated her, although I most assuredly never hated her. Maybe this is the "expert" in mental illness and human behavior who worked very closely, on the same clinical unit for many years, with a serial sex abuser of young black men in custody, the "expert" who now claims she never had any slightest clue (!), the "doctor" who could never act to protect her own patients.

    Or maybe I'm wrong, and you guys will all be laughing at me because Dr. J was so innocent and just couldn't care less about my opinion of her or of Dr. Martin, and never tried to get the ARDC to come after me by filing a complaint from "Anonymous". Maybe Dr. J was a victim, along with her patients, of the criminal genius abuser who had sex with involuntary patients many times over a period of many years, in offices within a few feet of Dr. J's own office, and nobody knew, nobody ever thought to look in through the large window in the office door....

    It may have been J. Duncan Dooglethorpe, who once said, "Never be afraid for people to think you're a fool. Never be embarrassed or intimidated! Just learn quickly enough that you can sneak up on the motherfuckers!"


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