Friday, July 15, 2022

"Time for a closer look..."

A series of articles is appearing on the website, about the Marilyn Lemak case (Naperville mom killed 3 kids, circa 2001).

Coincidentally with the appearance of this series and the recent Highland Park tragedy, my law partner and I are negotiating settlements and/or preparing for trials in six federal lawsuits against individuals in Illinois’ so-called “forensic mental health system”.

One of those defendants is James P. Corcoran, the top psychiatrist working for this state. In 2001, Corcoran was part of “Team Mental Health” in the Lemak case, and he reportedly interviewed Lemak 43 times. For many years he has appeared to me to be an archetype source/perpetrator, of one very BIG American situation which includes: failed mental health solutions, higher disability rates, higher depression rates, more suicides, more mass shootings, social despair, youth cynicism, drug addiction, etc., etc., ad nauseum

This top state psychiatrist’s evident lies and manipulations once caused my favorite judge, Earl B. Hoffenberg, to comment on the record in court, “I don’t even know what they’re doing anymore, at Elgin Mental Health Center!” 

Corcoran’s office and the Elgin plantation will likely be an early destination for Bobby Crimo III. You may recall that on two or more occasions in the past, the police investigated threats from this killer, but they never took his guns away, because "...mental health professionals were handling the matter." I think everyone can agree that if this is how mental health professionals handle threats, if this is the way they deal with insanity, if this is the "protection" they offer our communities, then we don't need them.

If the forensic mental health system were actually, openly selling Illinois taxpayers dead innocents, terror, tragedy, degradation... we would certainly refuse to buy it. If the taxpayers notice what they are really getting for their money, they will stop paying. Each one of several thousand individuals being held in psychiatric slavery in this state costs $800-1000 per day. When they are released, they will each be a greater threat than they ever were before. They absolutely will not be "cured" by psychiatric "treatment".

Since the pandemic, and maybe since the publicity in late 2017, about events behind our current lawsuits, Elgin Mental Health Center has been falling apart. In the last few days I've had conversations with patients and staff about unprecedented numbers of retirements, unprecedented simultaneous pressure from up the food chain in the Illinois Department of Human Services and from patients down on the clinical units, unprecedented levels of stress on the administration.

The author of the second article in the series wrote, “…in many cases, the shooters had been ‘in treatment’... It’s time for a closer look at the nature of that treatment.”

A closer look at the psychiatric plantations in Illinois will get lots of people in trouble. Here's the solution. Quit now, and close it down!

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