Thursday, June 5, 2014

Abused by a COWARDLY psychiatrist

This afternoon I received a letter dated June 3, from the Illinois Supreme Court's Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC), informing me that on May 30 they had received an anonymous complaint regarding my conduct. The ARDC enclosed a copy of the complaint and stated, "We have reviewed the communication and have determined that further action by this Commission is unwarranted."

First of all let me just say, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

But perhaps I should elaborate.

This anonymous "complaint" was (supposedly) from a co-worker of Alicia S. Martin, M.D., the Elgin Mental Health Center psychiatrist whom I excoriated as an abuser, in my blog article of February 3, 2014. I accused Dr. Martin of abusing her patients, her employers and many other people for money, or for status, or possibly for other motives, none honorable.

Just to make sure I'm not misunderstood, I hereby reiterate, for the record, those precise accusations.

The next issue might be, who filed this anonymous "complaint" with the ARDC? What were his/her motives for doing so, and what did he/she expect to accomplish?

There are several people at Elgin Mental Health Center, I'm fairly sure, who don't like me. On one hand, I was once called a valuable member of a clinical treatment team, by a psychiatrist! On the other hand, my natural instinct is honestly to defeat treatment teams rather than to collaborate with them. I resist this instinct when a team is willing to follow the law, and I have considerable respect for many clinicians at Elgin. Almost all are well-intentioned, and many are capable of clever effects in helping. But they do not habitually follow the law, they cheat.

They cheat because they have to. It's impossible to do what the law, and the taxpayers, expect: routinely improve the behavior of bad guys with medicine. So the "forensic mental health" enterprise becomes (as I said in the offending blog about Dr. Martin) a racket.

Right now I am defending another forced drugging petition. The psychiatrist who filed that petition might be one of the best suspects for having authored this recent ARDC "complaint". His name is Dr. Richard W. Malis, M.D. So far, I have nothing quite so bad to say about Dr. Malis, as what I said before about Dr. Martin. However, he and I apparently do not get along. We'll just see.... If he tells me he did not write the anonymous "complaint", I will believe him, and I'll apologize for the accusation here. If he did write the complaint, I'll simply laugh at him, because it was a stupid waste of his time. But I don't think he's very stupid, so maybe he didn't write it.

Other possible anonymous complainants might include the psychiatrist Dr. Syed Hussain, M.D., one particular social worker on the White Cottage Unit named Mario, and another staff on White named Marva. There's also a psychiatrist on L Unit (name escapes me at the moment) who may feel that I've recently been too critical or insulting toward her. I would encourage any or all of these guys to let me know if the complaint was not filed/written by them. I will believe them, and apologize. But if they don't deny, I will probably continue to mention them, by name, as suspected idiots (for wasting their taxpayer-financed time) and cowards (for being afraid to put their name on the complaint).

The ARDC complaint ends with the statement, "This complaint is being filed Anonymously..." (the capitalization strikes me as a bit weird, by the way) " Mr. Kretchmar engages in intimidating behaviors towards the staff at Elgin Mental Health Center." Needless to say, this is my favorite part!

If writing and publishing this, new article is intimidation, well... expect much more of the same, and worse!

However, I'll also keep in mind the possibility, however remote, that somebody was honestly offended by my accusations against Dr. Martin, and that I am seen as a real threat to something that is thought to be good and that needs defense. I would actually love to believe that's the case. If this ARDC complaint was made by a good, well-intended person, I am no threat to that person, and I would consider it a most valuable opportunity if I could somehow engage in a discussion with them.


  1. These Elgin MHC thugs are little bitch crybabies when someone merely EXPECTS THEM TO CEASE FROM UNLAWFUL CONDUCT. And like most bullies, they are at heart knee-knocking cowards as you properly observe. Zealously representing your clients for humanitarian and philanthropic reasons is now pathologized/slandered as "intimidation" by these masters of brutality. coercion and threats. This is indeed funny as all hell. Keep up the good work Randy.

    1. Thanks Rodney. Always good to hear your perspective.

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