Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marva says I'm a bully!

I have a client at Elgin Mental Health Center who drives me nuts. I like that, because it means the person is smart enough to get under my skin a little.

One of the staff on this client's "treatment" team is a nurse or security person (I don't even recall her exact title or role and it doesn't seem to matter) and a union boss (which probably does matter a lot). Her name is Marva. Perhaps that's a nickname for Marvelous, but I don't know.

My client gets under Marva's skin, too. And even though I really don't know Marva, haven't worked with her in the decade-plus that I've been advocating for people at EMHC, only met her once as far as I can recall (and in that instance I was actually impressed -- she seemed marvelous enough to me), it seems that somehow I must be getting under Marva's skin now, too.

Anyway, my client says Marva calls me a bully. Fascinating! Marva is the one who can  have people forcibly held down to be shot up with psych drugs on her whim (and has done so recently in fact)!

All I can do is talk and write. If my words carry any intimidating force, whether they are spoken to a judge in court, to a passerby on a sidewalk, to a public official in a letter, or in this blog; whether they are polite, or clever, or obnoxious, it's only because someone might agree with them.

I have no idea how I can "bully" anyone, unless they are afraid of me because I might find out something they are trying to hide. But anybody like that is "bullying" him or her self really, by his or her own guilty conscience.

I recently suggested that Marva may have been the one who attempted that stupid, anonymous "complaint" about me to the ARDC. She seemed like a long shot as a suspect, at the time. But so far, I've had no denials from anybody I named, so I can't rule any of them out.

I've gone back and forth. I thought Dan Hardy, Medical Director at Elgin, was the best suspect for awhile, because he is trained as a lawyer but hasn't practiced law for a very long time. He'd know the legal term, "defamation per se" but he might fail to realize that the ARDC never takes anonymous complaints about lawyers defaming psychs (the thought of that is just hilarious, really).

I also figured Dr. Malis or Dr. Hussain (two unit psychs at Elgin) might have pulled this goofy prank. But I've seen all three of these guys (Malis, Hussain and Hardy) since I wrote that last blog, and although none of them took any trouble to deny... they just didn't come across to me as very suspicious.

When people are afraid you'll find something out about them, they start being critical of you. It's an instinctive thing, they just can't help it.

So there's Marva, telling my client I'm a bully. Marvelous Marva!

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  1. What ever someone accuses you of, is a reflection of them, what they see. They transpose their (secret) fear and guilt of themselves onto you. Smile and agree with them, because they want a fight. If you don't react emotionally , it confuses their transference.