Monday, January 9, 2023

Routine abuse and neglect: Quinton Ivy, WTF??

On a typical day in the nuthouse, abuse and neglect of "patients" (psychiatric slaves) is rampant. Staff like EMHC security officer Quinton Ivy (apparently the son of Beverly Ivy, whom I recently portrayed as being unusually responsible, in a positive way) batter the slaves at will. Anyone who complains or tries to draw attention to the plantation culture very quickly gets it worse. And of course, Peter Neumer's OIG is utterly useless.

Why should Quint get away with telling a slave (Mickey) that he wants to know when his Thiem date is so he can make sure Mickey's not breathing by his day of release? That is actually a murder threat, right? I laughed when I heard about it, because it's such a classic bully line, I'll make sure you're not breathing. Hahaha!

Quint was on the unit yesterday around noon, along with another security officer, to torture another slave, Donzell. After they helped force a needle into Donzell's body, and injected horrible drugs that Donzell hates, merely because they don't like him and they can't stand his open Muslim religious practices, Quint came over to Mickey and bumped him with his chest and belly, apparently just to emphasize that murder threat. The other security officer had to redirect Quint and back him off. As a technical legal matter, this was a battery. Perhaps it will become a claim or a paragraph in a civil rights complaint in federal court (along with the main allegation about years of sexual abuse by Michelle Bogle).

I don't believe Quint is actually capable of making sure Mickey isn't breathing. Quint is an idiot for that threat. But it's an easy evaluation for me, I don't have to live under Quint's authority every day. Mickey had a medical appointment this morning, for a chronic injury to his shoulder. He made what I suppose was a reasonable decision to cancel the appointment, when he found out that Quint was scheduled to accompany him in the van, while he was in wrist, ankle and waist chain restraints.

Meanwhile, consider Mickey's roommate Terrence. He's not in good shape (can't pick much cotton). Over the weekend, the night shift nurses Mike and Pow were told that Terrence had soiled himself. The room smelled terrible, Mickey couldn't even sleep until Terrence was moved to another room. Disgustingly, the nurses (overseers) didn't even bother to clean Terrence up. They just changed his clothes without washing him. Just as an aside, when Mickey complained they threatened to give him a shot.

But the main point here is, this happens all dayevery day for these guys. It's the institutional culture in a supposed "hospital" which is happily promoted, for the benefit of the taxpayers who foot the bill, as "...a place of hope for the healing of mind, body and spirit where many find health and happiness again." But the institutional culture is designed to crush people into total despair, total compliance with absurd rituals that honor only a dark theory of the individual as brain, as a machine, as mud. 

Quinton Ivy's harassment of Mickey is not mere retribution for the mention of his mom Beverly in this blog, or for my continuing, incessant insults to the mental health profession. This is all part of a carefully contrived, intentional message to everyone... that they are only allowed to look in places of the dead. There is really no living person. He is not risen, and they must not rise!

But they will rise against the abuse and neglect. Billy the Torch will come. Psychiatria delenda est!

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