Monday, January 2, 2023

More on Peter B. Neumer and Michelle Bogle

For a long time, I did not appreciate how egregious and systematic the sexual abuse of Mickey was. Michelle Bogle had been after Mickey, sexually groping him for example, since at least as early as 2015. There were apparently three separate OIG investigations prior to the final one this year which ended in a referral to the state police for a criminal investigation. Two OIG cases were opened while Mickey and Michelle were both on K Unit (of course!), and the third one after Mickey was moved to Pinel.

All three OIG investigations were initiated after reports by staff that Mickey and Michelle were suspiciously close. In short, everybody knew there was an improper relationship. Some people even speculated that Michelle's last child was Mickey's. The rumor was, that child was named after Mickey!

The three blind-eye stooges of "I certainly never even dreamed anything sexual was going on!" worked on K & L Unit. Hasina Javed, Faiza Kareemi, and Drew Beck spoke those exact words in self-righteous protest under oath, about a social worker's repeated sexual abuse of several patients right under their noses over more than a decade. That professional comrade, the social worker, mercifully went directly from K & L to prison for a felony conviction.

We can safely bet that the allegations about Mickey and Michelle which prompted OIG investigations three separate times were not reported by Javed, Kareemi or Beck. They have all spent too many years turning a blind eye. They were right there the whole time, though, and if everybody knew about Mickey and Michelle, they sure knew, too.

The final OIG investigation (while Mickey was on Pinel) was initiated after an allegation reported by a staff named Beverly Ivy. I'm not sure who she is (I may not even have the name exactly right) or how long she had been around. But she did what she was supposed to do, while nobody else did. Somebody should find out why. Maybe it was just because Beverly was new enough at EMHC to actually believe Rule 50 reporting requirements should be taken seriously on the plantation. 

Of course, all three OIG investigations came back as "unfounded." The slaves are property. They're nobody. It's merely nice if mental patients are not abused, kind of like it's nice to put a bug outside instead of killing it. But we don't come down very hard on somebody who kills a bug in the house, and most people at EMHC know Rule 50 reporting requirements are not to be taken literally, at least not if that puts any of your plantation comrades at risk.

While Mickey was on conditional release in 2021-2022, he not only met Michelle for sex about a dozen times, he actually introduced her to his parents because he planned to be together with her. Michelle sat with Mickey's dad at his house for long conversation, and she helped Mickey's mom do laundry. 

I don't know what she was thinking. But I know she's a criminal and, more importantly, she's part of a criminal enterprise at EMHC. I don't know what Peter Neumer's OIG "investigators" were thinking either. That organization is supposed to protect vulnerable people in the state's custody from abuse. It is useless for the purpose. Fire everybody there!

Talk to me Michelle, I'm probably your best hope.

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