Saturday, April 11, 2020

Report (unverified)

Time: within the past week;
Place: Chicago Read Mental Health Center;
Form: negligent endangerment....

Event: A new patient named Carlos arrived on a clinical unit from quarantine (possibly a special unit at the facility designated J West) and/or recent hospitalization. He was put into a two-man room with another patient, TS, who was apparently healthy at the time. Carlos had a 102.5 fever and coughed all night. Within a couple days, Carlos was back in quarantine, although no staff were talking about why, and no questions from other patients who had been in contact with him on the unit were answered. (HIPAA was cited.)

TS was released from Chicago Read without being tested or told whether Carlos had been COVID-19 infected. Presumably he is in the community, likely living with his elderly parents and/or children.

The individual who reported this to me got the information partly from a staff member, who has previously stated that she was threatened by James Corcoran with the loss of her license, if she talked about the negligence and corruption she witnessed on the Illinois Department of Human Services psychiatric plantations.

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