Thursday, April 16, 2020

About Marci Webber

I am not currently representing Marci in any formal legal proceeding. I did represent her as legal counsel some years ago, so I have to be cognizant of professional rules if I’m going to stay out of trouble. Everything I say in this article will be with Marci’s permission.

She’s in a very unusual position as a psychiatric slave. Her masters at Chicago Read Mental Health Center admit they don’t know why she’s there, claim they have no interest in keeping her there but profess zero authority to release her, and invest themselves in ostentatiously absurd justifications for the whole situation on a daily basis.

My feeling is, somebody who is not showing his or her face has an agenda which includes keeping Marci locked up as long as possible. The more it continues, the more probable it becomes that any such person will be unmasked and held responsible. I encourage all reasonably honest clinicians and public employees who know enough about Marci’s case to realize that it’s just weird as hell... to think about who’s really giving the orders, and why, and if you can do so safely, identify them.

Marci was found not guilty by reason of insanity on a violent criminal charge. Because of the fraud and nonsense in the whole forensic mental health system, people can probably be forgiven for thinking (if shallowly, irresponsibly) that she deserves to be punished. (The truth is, she has been.)

But the legal, social, ethical fact is that the only legitimate interest anyone ever had in Marci’s involuntary commitment to a state psychiatric “hospital” was for the purpose of treating any mental illness which might have caused her to commit that original violent act, protecting her and the public in the meanwhile. At this point in time, it is over obvious that there is nothing left to do for that legitimate purpose. Marci is thoroughly documented as recovered from her one-time psychosis, which was probably caused by psychiatric “treatment” to begin with. No one suggests good evidence that she is dangerous to herself or anyone else anymore. The crime she was charged with has an approximate recidivism rate of zero.

So any alert taxpayer should be asking why Illinois is spending $800/day to keep this woman “hospitalized”. They should be asking Chicago Read Administrators like Dr. Robert A. Sobut, MD and Debra S. Marsico, who can possibly be reached by phone at 773-794-4010, and who have regular offices at 4200 North Oak Park Ave., Chicago, IL 60634. By the way, it seems we pay Ms. Marsico an annual salary over $90,000; and Dr. Sobut presumably somewhat more than that (although mysteriously, he doesn’t appear in the normal databases). That money comes out of our pockets, so these public servants do have some duty to us.

Both Sobut and Marsico were in attendance at a monthly “staffing” for Marci Webber yesterday. It is directly from them, as well as the IDHS General Counsel downtown, that I get my characterization in the second paragraph above. The best anyone can do (with ostentatiously absurd justifications) is, “Well, it’s really the court’s fault that she’s here, and anyway she seems a little angry to us...”

Of course, the court (that being DuPage County Circuit Court Judge George J. Bakalis) did release Marci from the Chicago Read plantation in December. Bakalis released her despite the lack of consensus from the state psychiatric overseers, finding that she simply is not mentally ill and dangerous anymore. She found an apartment and was living perfectly well on her own, and would have continued to do so, causing no further problem for anyone, but for the unprecedented appeal of Judge Bakalis’ decision (in which he is due great deference according to the case law precedents) and a stay that was denied but then overturned by the Appellate Court.

Now all the courts are closed, so the appellants don’t even have to file their brief until... nobody knows. Marci rots in the plantation, with COVID19 stalking, everyone afraid, none of the fake “medical professionals” being anything close to effective because they have little or no training or expertise in real disease, their specialty being pure bullshit.

And if I were Marci, I would sure be angry. Anyone would! But Dr. Sobut pretends her anger is a sign that she’s not stable. She’s extremely stable. She is angry, and will continue to be angry and seek justice for what these idiots are doing to her, for what we taxpayers are doing to her, for our lies which cost so much.

I will help her. Psychiatria delenda est! 

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