Wednesday, September 27, 2023

More on Latwon & Gabby; contraband cell phones, administrative transfers

On Sunday, Sep. 24, 2023, Latwon had Gabby's cell phone in his room for a while. He was observed exiting his room (2nd room on the left, if you're walking from the day room on K Unit) with the cell phone, which he had put in the pocket of his shorts. He was looking around for Gabby, apparently thinking he should return the phone to her without being observed. Gabby was busy, so Latwon furtively slid the phone onto the counter via the nurses' station window on the west side of the day room. Anybody noticing it could have thought, well, Gabby or whoever the phone belonged to probably just left it there.

Gabby has some reason of her own for so favoring Latwon (and maybe one or two other patients), by allowing him to have contraband access to her cell phone despite the obvious risk of her job. Maybe she's just totally unaware of rules which say she shouldn't even have her phone on the unit, let alone give it to a patient, let alone let a patient have it and (presumably) use it unobserved, long enough to take it to his room and secretly return it to her later.

Or alternatively, maybe she has some financial arrangement with Latwon; maybe he pays her to use her cell phone. Or maybe she's in love with Latwon. It's not like such corrupt things never happen at EMHC (especially on Faiza Kareemi's K Unit -- long known as the "love unit"). 

In fact, Illinois' psychiatric slave plantations are so rife with this kind of corruption that a federal judge could suggest (in a written opinion!), the distinct possibility that sexual abuse of a patient by staff might continue for years with no one ever intervening to stop it, everyone choosing instead to bury their heads in the sand and cover it up.

What kind of a maleficent institution is this? Why do we pay taxes to support it? Why would any medical professional ever degrade him/her self so horribly by working for it, under an obscene pretense of "help?" What damage does this cause, by creating cynical victims who will hate the system forever and refuse to participate in a society that is so oblivious and so stupid as to invent the system, and tolerate it?

Meanwhile, the petty soap opera continues at EMHC, recently over contraband cellphones hidden in bathrooms which can't even be connected to a particular patient, so nobody even knows whom to punish. With no proof against a particular miscreant, the solution becomes just punish everybody. Make them all go to the gym for a mass security search while their rooms get turned and lots of their property gets confiscated, even though most of it is not contraband at all.

And of course, transfer patients around between units, don't ever let them have a stable location or any stable relationships or therapeutic community! Make them move constantly to demonstrate the administration's total control. Never mind actual written policy about transfers, just call it an "administrative decision," never countenance questions or attempt clinical rationale.

More and more, EMHC "patients" (actually slaves) will hate you people. There will be more and more non-compliance, more and more complaints, lawsuits, hostile media, calls to the Law Offices of Kretchmar & Cecala. More and more so-called "mental health professionals" (plantation overseers) will be personally targeted and choose to leave.

This is your future, guys. "Life sucks and then you die." Sherman is coming and he will burn your city. Sleep well!

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