Wednesday, March 16, 2022

20 Steps for Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, Modern Slavery

 Here’s how it works. 

1. Somebody does something so ugly that virtually all of his/her fellows just want him/her gone. 

2. The person is arrested, charged and taken to trial. 

3. The prosecutor, judge, jury, and/or other people involved see no real hope for justice because the offender is too damn crazy, and cannot apparently understand or be understood. 

4. All involved agree to pretend that the offender has a brain disease that can be cured by psychiatric “medicine”.

5. The offender gets locked up in a “hospital” operated by the Illinois Department of Human Services. 

6. A “Treatment Plan” is written to slowly disable the offender from ever being able to do ugly things in the future. 

7. The “Treatment Plan” is followed in such manner as to dehumanize the offender without grossing out the public, and allow anyone directly involved to say they are “helping”.

8. The offender quickly learns that the whole “medicine” and “treatment” pretense is a charade, but he/she copes and plans to get out. 

9. The offender is an object of constant close surveillance from a team of professionals to make sure he/she never tells anyone that the whole “medicine” and “treatment” pretense is a charade. 

10. Illinois taxpayers foot the bill at $800+ per day. The people putting on the charade get their piece of this action.  

11. Rarely (but increasingly more often these days), somebody complains that this whole system is destructive and ought to be abolished. 

12. The complainer is said to be crazy like all the locked-up offenders, and his/her complaints are ruled “unfounded”.

13. Very rarely, the complainer is able to offer good arguments and/or proof. 

14. In exceptionally rare instances, some public authority like a court, or somebody in the media, starts to believe the complainer. 

15. Some of the people who get paid for putting on the charade feel threatened by exposure. They look for ways to reduce or eliminate the perceived threat. 

16. The threat reduction tactics include perjury, intimidation, and defamation, at least. But occasionally they go so far as murder.

17. Meanwhile completely unaware, Illinois taxpayers continue to foot the bill, not only for the vast “medicine” and “treatment” scam, but also for lawyers to protect the scammers from exposure. 

18. The lawyers gradually learn or suspect that the scammers are in fact scammers, but they try to do their jobs and represent them anyway

19. The lawyers end up violating rules and codes of ethics, and getting caught. 

20. Almost everyone laments. Only a few learn something and start over in more honest jobs. 

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  1. Number 16 might include 50K per head outside celebrity "experts".