Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A PRN for Zubik?

 I missed a staffing for Gus this morning, which I regret because it was apparently a rather entertaining one. Tom Zubik is said to have been very inappropriate, even non-sequitur. Maybe he's just having one bad morning. I hope so, because he's normally an influence for reason and practical solutions.

The thing that seemed to set Tom off was Gus' mention of the names of staff who had falsely reported or falsely charted about him this month. 

Gus is meticulous and relentless, partly on my specific and repeated advice, about documenting false reports which go into supposed "medical records" and thereby (because of their status as medical records) become admissible in court hearings. Probably as often as not, such documents as progress notes, security reports or treatment plan reports contain opinions, interpretations, speculations and outright lies, which are taken as facts in evidence. It becomes a modern day version of spectral evidence in witchcraft trials.

I've heard from virtually every involuntary "patient" (psychiatric slave) whom I have ever represented, that staff lie in these reports, often out of mean prejudice, due to grudges, for political or tactical advantages, or to protect their own or their friends' misdeeds. Since any written document that goes to court as evidence is presumed to have been made as if under oath, this is perjury. 

It's not just the lower-position or non-clinical employment echelons who commit such perjury, either. I once heard none other than Joanne Langley, an administrative official at Elgin plantation (and I believe, a Ph.D.), flagrantly lie, in court, on the witness stand under oath.

The point is, it's a very righteous cause to document falsehoods and lies that amount to perjury. Gus does this, and I will continue to encourage him to do this, and teach him to do it more and more effectively. He has a journal with him constantly, in which he takes notes.

But it sure does piss off staff!

In today's staffing Gus brought up the fact that a staff member named Shaletha Jones had accused him of staring at her, and prompted a false report in his chart saying he told someone she was paranoid and needed a PRN. He also mentioned Jessica Lopez and another STA (Kristina something) who had been jabbering back and forth with each other in alarm over Gus taking notes that might be evidence of their inappropriate behavior.

Tom Zubik lost it because Gus was naming names. In fact, he quickly hung up on the (teleconferenced) staffing. I haven't seen Tom react so dramatically before, and it's hard to imagine why Gus' mention of staff names in the non-public context of his own monthly staffing would have so alarmed him. 

It suggests the question: who was there that Tom didn't want to hear those names? I wasn't there, and I probably wouldn't have paid attention but for the extreme protest.

But like I said, maybe Zubik was just having a bad morning. Maybe he'd like a PRN.

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  1. At the Chester mental hell center the gestapo were extremely alarmed by any of the prisoners involved in recording or writing. This was more troubling to them than say a prisoner beating someone with a mop bucket. When I arrived I was referred to as a "writer" in the same tone as cop killer or child molester. I was told not to engage in that activity and to just to myself what I witnessed there. In 12 years the only specific thing ever asked of me was to not write about/report/or complain in writing about what was being done to me and others there. They kind of screwed that proposition when they announced from the outset that they would NEVER free me. One thing I think may partly evade you, Randy. is how relatively lucrative these jobs are at these madhouses. People do contract killings for 5K and transportation guys putting in some overtime there make six figures and get tons of benefits. Anyone lucid and articulate enough to record the goings-on there evokes hysterical panic and alarm among these high paid state parasites. I know you are being facetious with the PRN business, but you must not lose sight of the true, underlying economic concerns among these folks. These people rake in good money for doing nothing useful to society or their alleged "patients". Holidays, pensions, huge pay, sick days, personal days, maternity leave, medical and probably vision and dental insurance, free legal representation, and on and on. They are not about to let a "shit-eating bug" jeopardize that.