Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Amanda Bradley, the latest would-be torturer

Marci Webber has now been back at the Chicago Read slave plantation for almost six months. When she learned last December of a bench warrant for her arrest, she reported there on her own, to wait out an appeals process. Why that process was ever started will be a fascinating story when the truth comes out, which it surely will.

I have an odd vested interest in Marci remaining on the plantation, and I almost have to resist it, it's so perversely real. The same was true of Sean Gunderson, prior to his conditional release from Elgin last fall. When a "patient" is smart enough and strong enough, they find and report information to me from the inside which is extremely helpful. My partner and I have five federal lawsuits which would never have happened but for this.

Meanwhile, the latest cruel overseer who makes sure Marci gets psychologically whipped at every slightest opportunity is a low level Mental Health Tech named Amanda Bradley. Amanda has a Developmentally Disabled "patient" named Antoinette whom she ostentatiously favors with smiling, "I-love-you-I-love-you" blown kisses across the room, even while she snarls to Marci, "Shut the f--- up!" in the same breath.

Of course, Amanda and other staff are not supposed to use the F word aggressively against patients that way. It's quite strictly prohibited, probably not because it hurts patients very much (that's the job for psychiatric labelling, drugs and shock), but more likely because it tends to reveal the "hospital" as what it really is: a plantation. Unfortunately for Amanda, this particular incident was witnessed by another staff, whose name I have.

And unfortunately for Amanda (not to mention the higher-ups who really pull the strings), Marci has some friends. Most of them are very timid and don't want to stick their necks out right now. Dr. Anatoiley Pyslar is one example. He's a psychiatrist, and he knows perfectly well that Marci should not be a slave any longer, he tells her so to her face. Once upon a time Pyslar had a more important job than he has now, so his future as a master has probably dimmed a bit.

Other staff, well-intended human beings, are also on Marci's side, if secretly, against the people who mistakenly believe they can beat her down and wear her out. The good people will probably come out of the woodwork to incriminate the Marsicos, Sobuts, Malises and Corcorans, once Marci wins her appellate case and demonstrates that she can be successful back in the community. All the lies and all the years of cynical manipulation and harassment will come back to haunt these so-called "mental health professionals" who cannot help anyone, and who merely insult medicine, science and law.

Amanda Bradley's sweet DD friend Antoinette is a 5'10" tough girl, who constantly threatens and physically intimidates Marci. Amanda runs her, puts her up to that on purpose, and somebody higher up than Amanda even made sure Antoinette was Marci's roommate, just to make the terrorizing proceed at the highest possible intensity. Maybe they want to provoke a suicide.

Anyway, I tell Marci don't talk about suicide, don't think about suicide. I think she's too tough, and too dedicated to the cause of emancipation of all psychiatric slaves. She'll hang in there to see Atlanta burn.

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