Thursday, May 14, 2020

More on Marci — Vera Hosley

I heard a story today which sounds very typical to me.

Vera Hosley is a Social Worker II at Chicago Read Mental Health Center, employed by the Illinois Department of Human Services and paid an annual salary of $65,000. She seems to imagine herself to be a master of some sort on the plantation. And she seems to imagine that Marci Webber is just one of the slaves she has control of.

Recently Marci requested copies of legal documents. After Vera had taken them out of her box, and while she was holding them in her hand on the unit, Marci attempted to add several more pages. Vera had just approached another patient, and was about to start a conversation with him. (This is a patient who very likely has a case of COVID19, by the way. Why is he walking around on the unit, not in quarantine?) Marci interrupted.

Oh, man! There’s hardly anything so insulting to the delicate pride of a little, tiny apparatchik like Vera, as to be INTERRUPTED while performing such wonderfully professional and Holy Mental Health Duties... as those of a Social Worker II making the big bucks. Vera apparently feels entitled to interrupt patients anytime she wants, though. Marci had been yelled at by Vera while in the middle of a phone conference with her legal counsel (not me) just recently. Predictably on today’s occasion, there quickly ensued an argument between Vera and Marci, in which (Oh, heaven forbid!) voices were raised.

Marci was actually trying to save Vera the additional nuisance of having to make a second set of copies. She figured it would be more efficient to get everything she needed to Vera for a single errand, rather than asking her to do two separate ones. But the thing about any argument between a slave and an overseer is, the slave always loses. Vera quickly threatened Marci with a shot (meaning of course, forced drugging) and Marci retreated to her room.

The part where it gets funny came next. When Marci came out of her room later, her doctor, Anatoiley Pyslar, just happened to be nearby. Dr. Pyslar looked at Marci and commented, “Hey Marci, Vera wants me to order a shot for you for being loud!” He laughed.

He didn’t laugh because it was a cruel threat that he enjoyed. He laughed because it was a ridiculous threat, and he knew Marci knew it was ridiculous. A Social Worker II, even one making the big bucks like Vera, can’t get a patient held down and forcibly drugged just for being loud. There has to be a threat of imminent danger posed by the patient, to herself or others, before the overseer is allowed to whip her slave.

Vera Hosley is weak and incompetent and laughable. There are many weak, incompetent and laughable “mental health professionals” on the plantation. Most of them aren’t evil, they’re just wasted.

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  1. It appears that the social worker is against Marci. The threat to be given a "shot" is traumatising to Marci. Keeping Marci in the mental center costs $810 a day and when you do the numbers, her case has cost the state almost $3 million. Her own public defender told her on December 23rd: "The state will always try to get you locked up." Why is the state wasting this money on someone who is not dangerous? All of the doctors who have examined her have verbally admitted that she is not mentally ill and doesn't need meds. So my questions are:
    1) Why is she still locked up?
    2) Why are they trying to build a case against her that she's dangerous?
    3) They are falsifying the charts to make her look dangerous.
    4) They are terrorising her - her room has been searched 3 times in the past week. For what?
    There is no semblance of therapy going on. THey just want her to take the meds, which she understandablly does not want to do given that meds made her psychotic before. They are relentless. It's like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Isn't it illegal to write fraudulent facts in a patient's chart?