Friday, March 6, 2020

Yo, Joint Commission!

Today is probably your last day in this current inspection at Elgin Mental Health Center.

Think about all the possible stuff that will hit the fan between now and your next inspection, and the questions that will be asked, about why you were not interested or capable of effectively investigating, e.g.:

-  WIDESPREAD coverup of sexual abuse of the disabled at EMHC;
-  utterly endemic falsification of patient court reports which are filed as under oath;
-  a fundamental modus operandi of coercion, intimidation and dehumanization of patients.

Of course these are all generalities, as I state them here. I just want to be sure to get a word in before you leave EMHC today, all set to whitewash the plantation once again as a “hospital”.

But a former social worker was actually convicted of sexual abuse. There is ongoing civil litigation over the complicity and coverup. There is a treasure trove of facts that will be coming out.

A very senior administrator — none other than Dr. James Patrick Corcoran — has admitted in sworn testimony to covertly changing court reports over other clinicians’ signatures. This is perjury, one way or another.

I’ve spent 18 years hanging out at EMHC and teasing out evidence from patients and staff. The plantation is deeply, outrageously corrupt, and the public will know. Then they’ll ask why they fund your contract with the state, if you’re not doing your job.


You may call me if you like: 847-370-5410. (But I probably won’t hold my breath.)

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  1. JCAHO and other "oversight" contractors like Equip for Equality are awarded their contracts because they agree in advance not to make their politician employers look incompetent, inept or corrupt. These "inspectors" will regularly and only find the pettiest of problems or issues that can easily be fixed by hiring more state politicians' nephews. Even the legislatively mandated oversight clowns like the Guardianship and Advocacy Commission and Office of Inspector General (OIG) are coopted flunkies giving the rubber stamp of approval to these horrendously abusive and corrupt state psychoprisons and flophouses. I recall how POLITICIANS halted an OIG investigation of my vengeance based incarceration at Chester torture "hospital". I also recall how JCAHO essentially laughed at my situation when I articulately presented my case along with corroborating evidence and documentation. Worse than worthless. They whitewashed the conduct of my outlaw captors and have done the same for every corrupt madhouse they have ever visited.