Friday, March 30, 2018

Oh goody, a new slave!

“Marilyn Hartman, 66, will be transferred from Cook County Jail to a state mental health facility (DSH) in hopes that with treatment she will be able to stand trial within a year.”

That is today’s euphemistic rendition by the Chicago Tribune, of a finding by Cook County judge Maura Slattery Boyle that a habitual criminal defendant should not be tried and punished for what she did, but rather, enslaved. Thus, Marilyn Hartman will either be “reformed” with psychiatric drugging, or just as likely, she will die at DSH.

I have no idea whether Hartman has a long “mental health” history or none at all. If she has already been drugged by psychiatrists for some large portion of her life, she will probably knuckle under again, learn to lie just a little bit better to herself and her masters, and get “treated” (drugged and dehumanized into submission) until she dies.

But it strikes me that she might want to continue to commit the same crimes she’s currently charged with, and she may refuse to believe she’s only doing it because of some “illness” which people have invented so they can pretend they’re not punishing her. In that case, I may even help her refuse psychiatry.

But it’s interesting to me that, at least in the Trib article, Hartman’s “illness” is never named. She is variously described as manifesting a psychotic thought process (is that actually an identified, specifically describable process of thinking?), as showing signs of a major psychotic illness (which one? ...there are after all many listed and meticulously described in the APA’s DSM), as exhibiting pervasive and maladaptive behaviors and misinterpretations of the world, and as lacking ability to recognize her disposition (whatever the hell that means) and how she can interact with people.

Two “experts” have “examined” and “tested” Hartman to conclude that she does not understand her legal situation and/or is unable to assist legal counsel in her own defense. I know these two guys, I’ve cross examined both of them on several occasions. Christopher Cooper and Mathew Marcos work for pretty good salaries on the taxpayer’s dime, at Forensic Clinical Services, the Circuit Court’s stable of “doctors” up on the tenth floor at 26th and California. They have no other job than to assist the court in disposing of people whom it doesn’t feel like either prosecuting or releasing.

The 10th floor guys regularly perjure themselves by reciting orthodox psychiatric propaganda under oath. Markos in particular, as the Director of Forensic Clinical Services, has stated categorically that schizophrenia is proven brain pathology that can only be treated with lifelong antipsychotic drugs. Anyone with an M.D. degree and a license to practice medicine knows better, or should. Markos lies under oath, period. Cooper testifies with total, charismatic certainty about things he can’t possibly see or objectively test. But judges believe these guys, and we pay for them.

What we buy for our tax money in this case, is a new slave, Marilyn Hartman. She will shortly arrive on F or H Unit, at DSH. She’ll be told by such valuable public employees/plantation overseers as Social Worker Lavadna Wheeler, Security Therapy Aide Tiffany Bates, nurse Patti Passilla, and psychiatrist Dr. Shanghee Kim-Ansbro, that she must understand she only gets on planes illegally because of her “illness”. The guys on the 10th floor and the Trib writer were unwilling to name that mental disease, but F or H Unit staff soon will, safely out of the public eye. I’ll take a guess: “delusional disorder, persecutory type” or “schizophrenia”. It doesn’t matter, it’s not a medical diagnosis in any scientific sense, it’s the excuse for coercive drugging.

Our new slave will cost us about $800/day as long as she’s at DSH. It seems to me it would be a better idea to convince her that unless she stops getting on planes to London without a ticket, she’ll spend the rest of her life in prison, at about $150/day.

There are people whom society must control. We just pay $650/day too much to pretend we’re “helping”.

Psychiatria delenda est!


  1. A woman I know, Marci has been in both Chicago Read and Elgin Mental Health Center for 8 years and is suffering immensely there. Please help her get a lawyer by contributing to a funderraiser on fundly :

    It is a waste of taxpayer money which could be better used to improve condition for both employees and patients at these mental health cwenter

    1. I was tortured for over twelve years at Chester MHC and was not accused of a crime or clear moral transgression. It was said that my "belief" I was being imprisoned at CMHC was a "delusion" even though that was clearly REAL. And the only way money can help liberate Marci is to put it in the pockets of the right politicians and bureaucrats and judges, which is ostensibly illegal. Mr. Kretchmar already is familiar with this case.