Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Close the Rape Loophole

Today’s New York Times rightly bemoans the fact that police are not unequivocally prohibited from all sexual contact with people they control (i.e., arrestees). Too often they escape rape convictions and justice by claiming “consent” of those over whom they obviously wield enormous power.

Meanwhile, despite Illinois’ law establishing effective strict liability for the crime of sexual abuse of a disabled person, a social worker has not even been arrested and probably retains her Illinois social worker’s license. The so-called “doctors” (Kareemi, Javed, Corcoran) and other “professionals” who helped her rape several patients, and/or turned a blind eye to it, and/or covered it up, are not evidently in any trouble either despite strict rules and policy, which they violated, for reporting any slightest suspicion, which they clearly had or should have had.

These people are all paid by the State of Illinois, i.e., the taxpayers, e.g., me. They are all supposed to be particularly well trained in detecting behavioral pathology and violent tendencies in others.

Put yourself in the perpetrator’s position... How do you defend against the criminal charges that are sure to eventually come? Do you say your patients at EMHC (DSH) consented? But that is specifically prohibited by the clear language of the statute.

Do you claim that your “ADHD” or some other psych “diagnosis” made you do it? But why were you allowed to be in the position you were in for many years, enabling easy access to “patients” for daily sexual abuse? How did Kareemi and Javed manage to just not notice anything? How can Corcoran pretend with a straight face that it’s his job to protect the safety of all patients?

What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Perhaps the myth is just too powerful, that mental “patients” are mysteriously brain diseased and only mental health professionals understand, and we all need these “doctors” to save our communities from lurking insanity.

Perhaps that myth causes us to pay for the plantations where sexual slaves are owned and used. Perhaps it is the ultimate rape loophole.


Psychiatria delenda est!

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  1. "Mental patients" are legislatively deemed incapable of giving consent to give or receive blowjobs but, oddly, not to assign benefits or monies to their psychowardens.