Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Quick Correction

A client whom I have represented at Elgin Mental Health Center ("Louanne") for several years is often told by her so-called "treatment team" (AKA tormenters) that I will only represent her until her money runs out, that I will run in the other direction when that day comes, that I am using her and that she is to be pitied because of that, that I don't have her best interests at heart, etc., etc., etc..

Well... I wish Louanne had any money. I actually don't think she has ever paid me a dime, although she may have offered to do so, in some small amount, at one time or another. I've always figured that if I'm ever to be personally compensated for the work I do, the payment will have to come from the state when I win some big case against them.

As I stated when I first started this blog some years ago, I became an attorney late in life in order to advocate for the universal human right to refuse psychiatry. Since that time, it has occasionally occurred to me that maybe I should get paid by clients. But given the nature of the work, that rarely happens. I'll have to permanently scavenge off the enemy's land, like Uncle Billy Sherman learned how to do, in his greatest innovation of military strategy.

To be misunderstood by the other side is an advantage in a conflict. But to achieve purposes without expensive battle it is necessary to change minds on the other side, and that is the only necessity. Changing minds requires communication, which is always disrupted to some degree by misunderstanding.

I will represent Louanne until her right to refuse psychiatry is secure and unquestioned. I don't give a shit about her money. She knows that pretty well. Her tormenters should know it, too.

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