Friday, December 11, 2015

Psychiatry makes the mass shooters

David Brooks recently wrote a column entitled "How Radicals Are Made" in the New York Times. Several points he made about mass movements stuck with me.

Involuntary psychiatric patients (psychiatric slaves), and the clinical staff who pretend to treat them (psychiatric plantation overseers), are alike, trained to be followers or true believers in a "mental health" mass movement. The reason an NGRI acquittee cannot easily refuse medication is not because she needs the drugs to be symptom-free or non-violent; it's because self sacrifice and self renunciation are required by this movement, driven by wild hope about brain disease that will soon be cured with treatment advances which never arrive but always remain just around the multi-billion-dollar research corner.

Brooks quotes Eric Hoffer's 1951 classic, The True Believer: "(M)ass movements denigrate the individual self. Everything that is unique about an individual is either criticized, forbidden or diminished." I suspect that every client I've ever had at Elgin Mental Health Center would certify that, as exactly what their so-called "treatment" is most about!

More Hoffer quotes from Brooks' article: "The individual's identity is defined by the collective group identity..." and "make-believe plays perhaps a more enduring role than any other factor."

NAMI, Fuller Torrey's Treatment (Torture) Advocacy Center, Jeffrey Lieberman's APA, Elgin Mental Health Center Security Therapy Aides and other clinicians, along with all of their "patients", are constantly encouraging themselves and each other to be "mental health" people above and beyond all else. And the make-believe, the fantasy, is that it's all about medicine, brains and brain science.

Ironically, David Brooks offers a very rational framework to remedy terrorism, even as the single most destructive mass movement in modern history ("mental health" defined and controlled by psychiatry) is creating terrorists with unprecedented efficiency while apparently remaining invisible, not only to Brooks, but to the whole intellectual leadership of Western civilization.

They simply have never identified the right target.

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