Monday, August 13, 2012


OK, here's a simple question for any and all criminal defense attorneys:

Out of your last 100 cases, how many defendants never had any contact at all with the mental health system or a mental health professional before they were arrested?

This can be an educated guess, or a careful survey of files. I would bet dollars to donuts that the actual percentage is pretty low. We could also ask:

Out of your last 10 cases of violent crime, how many defendants had never taken psychiatric drugs before they were arrested?

If you're not a criminal lawyer, ask one you know these questions. I would love to get a good volume of data.

I think psychiatry creates crime.


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  2. Hello. A very interesting blog you have here. I'm glad I popped over.

    Your questions are moving, thought-provoking and need to be explored, but then, so do many questions regarding psychiatry.

    I'm beginning to think we could do without the practice. We have neurologists. I've also had great experiences with psychologists, but the best were the free-thinkers who didn't have the latest copy of the DSM nearby.