Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mr. D again, Karadzic

On a couple occasions in 2010, I wrote about a client whom I called Mr. D. He was almost killed by a psychiatrist at Elgin Mental Health Center, and his sister has remained very unhappy about that ever since.

Mr. D is not out of the nuthouse yet, he's still there, still getting treated. His monthly staffing was today. His psychiatrist (third or fourth one he's had) was not available, nor was his social worker, nor was anyone from the Elgin administration. His sister and parents attended staffings regularly for years, but they recently gave that up as a useless waste of time. Mr. D himself also refused to come today.

The family are "ethnic cleansing" refugees. They have learned one basic thing from their experience with Egin Mental Health Center, the Illinois Department of Human Services, and American forensic psychiatry: There is no better justice in the USA than there was in Bosnia, and the differences between psychiatrists who wield state power, whether their names are Amin Daghestani, Syed Hussain or Radavan Karadzic, are insignificant.

Despite the complete impasse in this case and the startling record of abuse and malpractice, the substitute social worker at today's staffing indicated that everything was just fine. Mr. D actually attended her therapy group on responsibility this week, and he was participatory. How encouraging!

It's just beyond my imagining, why the system still keeps Mr. D locked up away from his family, drugged and dehumanized. The system is simply evil. It needs to be obliterated.

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