Friday, October 8, 2010

DSM5 proposal

Diagnostic criteria for 295.001 Prodromal Anosognosia

A. Excessive avoidance for a period lasting longer than a few weeks, for reasons not related to economic austerity, of normally effective medications or over-the-counter remedies for common discomforts such as cold symptoms, allergies, headaches, muscle soreness, hangover, or difficulty falling asleep.

B. Failure to visit a medical doctor for routine checkups for a period lasting longer than two years.

C. Failure to obtain health insurance; or consistent failure, neglect or refusal to answer official communications from insurance authorities, complete necessary forms and questionaires, or otherwise responsibly attend to administrative details which are recognized as necessary for fair and effective medical insurance coverage.

D. Habitual or repeated patronage of internet websites which puport to "expose psychiatric violations of human rights" or "advocate prosecution of psychiatric crimes".

E. A confirmed record of any four or more of the following statements of effective opinion, not subsequently disavowed:

  1. Mental illnesses are not real brain diseases.
  2. Mental illnesses can be controlled by individual will.
  3. There is no objective medical test to diagnose or rule out any DSM disorder.
  4. Psychotropic medications have dangerous side effects.
  5. Children can become addicted to Schedule II stimulants.
  6. Psychiatrists perpetrate fraud and abrogate the right to informed consent.
  7. Psychiatry kills.
  8. The insanity defense should be abolished.
  9. Involuntary commitment should be abolished.
  10. Psychiatry is pseudo-science.


  1. I am optimistic about this upcoming National Health Insurance scheme in the US. I think psychiatry is going to find itself being hit where it's the most important-- in the pocketbook.

    I think private insurance companies are going to be loathe to pay for a lot of drugs of dubious merit, particularly when these drugs are known to cause a whole host of other costly medical problems. I won't even talk about the money health insurance companies already refuse to waste on psychotherapists.

    I think people who actually want mental health help--and there are people like that and I don't judge them--are going to be so shortchanged in their treatment that there's going to be little time for the shrinks to pursue the people who don't want help shoved down their throat.

    Or at least, that's my take on this upcoming national scheme. Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

  2. If you believe you are sick (medically), you are, and the psychiatrist needs their patients to believe it, to buy the pills and see the psychiatrist.
    Some people are crazy on the other hand, but thats called freedom I presume.
    Freedom until someone does something illegal.

    I shouldnt complain sucking on the taxpayers tit of welfare, but on the other hand psychiatry made me who I am, a paranoid schizophrenic, without my consent-cooperation. Who made who?

  3. omg, Prodromal Anosognosia? I think I have that! Self-diagnosis is an illegal disorder, correct? Illegal meaning, disallowed and illegitimate.

    Seriously, though.

  4. I may be missing the point here, but this isnt an actual proposal which may make it into the DSM V is it?

    1. It certainly should make it into DSM-5! Prodromal Anosognosia causes needless suffering for so many people - especially gallant government mental health officials who lose the slavish cooperation of their subjects because of this terriblde disease!

  5. After i tried every natural method; meditation, exercise, st johns wort, the 'just do it' self talk method, until i turned to anti-depressants. They have done a better job than all these other methods. This aint pseudoscience to me. I don't think they should prescribe these drugs freely but they have saved my life and put me back on track to getting on with it. Im a lot more useful now as a person and have more ability to 'rebel against the state' now than when i was in my room unable to move because of my depression.

  6. Lol! Fun post. Love it.

    Fyi, another worthwhile critique of the mental health industry: