Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jesse James - Bill Zwecker

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bill Swecker says he is "not qualified to address" the issue of whether sex addiction falls into the same category as alcoholism or drug addiction.

Nonsense! Who does he think is qualified?

Does Zwecker see all kinds of predictable, high rates of success in "treating" any of these addictions? Where are the presumed experts, who are qualified to say what an addiction is with such accuracy and authority that we will all agree on whether Jesse James should be blamed or rehabilitated for cheating on Sandra Bullock?

What qualifications exclusively entitle somebody to address ubiquitous, mundane human failure?

With what pretended experts are we so enthralled, that we reflexively bow without even knowing their names,  that we abdicate universal human experience to honor them, and arbitrarily enrich them with ceded social territory?

BILL! You ARE qualified, man. So am I.

Anybody is allowed to speculate about categories and the foibles of their neighbors. Take back human experience, suffering and struggle from the psychototalist usurpers! They don't know what they're doing, and "rehab" gets screwed up all the time.

If you want to make, or help, somebody else behave better, you sure have to confront them and persuade them yourself, face to face!

If you don't feel like doing that, fine. But spare the world these delusions of experts and systems. There probably aren't any.

And just shut up about Jesse James. Get him the hell out of the newspaper!

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  1. The medical model for alcohol and drug addiction has about a 15% successful recovery rate. And that's for people willing to work on their problems at the better places.

    Any one with a lick of sense should be able to tell that these rehab therapists are doing it wrong.

    As for people like Tiger and Jesse James, they only did what a vast majority of the male population would do if they were in the same shoes. There is no moral to the story here. Move along, people.

    PS- why aren't you posting more?