Friday, January 8, 2010

China's Rebuke of Mental Illness

See a wonderful article by Andy Germak on the website of the Mental Health Association of Morris County, NJ, which clearly and explicitly states a view exactly 180 degrees opposite to my own regarding the psychiatric role in criminal law. Believe it or not, it is actually entitled, "China's Rebuke of Mental Illness".

You have to read it, I'll say no more. I linked to it earlier, but the link was soon "broken". Maybe MHA doesn't really like my attitude.... Anyway, it's easily googled by the title.

(As one quick aside, while I am absolutely on China's side on the main issue raised by this article, I'm not any huge death penalty fan. I would call for a law mandating that capital juries be required to draw straws for who pulls the switch personally if they sentence someone to death. That would solve most arguments, and I'd leave it there.)

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