Monday, December 21, 2009

Found it

Rodney Yoder managed to locate a website where I might actually be able to buy the "Brains get sick, too" poster! I have to print out a form, fill it in and mail it with a check (which is a little odd because it's offered on line, so it seems like I should be able to order it on line ... maybe NAMI will refuse to sell it to me because I'm not one of their faithful, we'll see).

Anyway, I'm becoming a collector of old propaganda, I guess. A few years ago, my kids got me several t-shirts from a vendor in Soho which had reproductions of old Soviet poster art, for example, inveighing the loyal proletarian populace against drinking anything but the official government liquor.

Someday, this poster with the sick brain will be a collector's item, like the Soviet stuff and Nazi memorabilia. But even if I can buy one that's brand new now, I think I'd rather have the particular one that has been displayed on the wall for several years at a real state nuthouse.

The "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign was recovered after the whole Polish army spent several days searching for it. An exact replica has been up over the black gate to Auschwitz since the recent theft. The original sign will have to be reassembled, because the thieves cut it into three pieces, presumably to more easily conceal it for smuggling. But it will of course be returned to its place, as the exact same piece made of iron piping which the Nazis originally put there for several years, when Auschwitz was ... what it was....

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