Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Congratulations to (the legendary) Rodney Yoder!

For more years than Rodney Yoder cares to think about now, corrupt state actors spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to keep him locked up in Illinois' only maximum-security psychiatric "hospital".

During the jury trial for which I was his legal counsel, celebrity hired-gun psychs swore under oath that Yoder was the most dangerous psychotic they had ever encountered.

He finally got out of the Chester Mental Health Center hell hole. Despite the long and bitter injustice he was forced to endure, he has been a productive, law-abiding member of the community for a decade now.

Yoder never took the drugs. He never bought into the fraud. He resisted, and won. He made a good number of people whom he always called "psycho-quacks" (e.g., Daniel J. Cuneo and Syed Hussain, both of whom continue to rip off the people of Illinois to this day!) look like the fools and the gangsters they truly are.

Well done, Rodney!

Your new granddaughter will tell her children and their children your heroic story.... Perhaps in a world where psychiatrists can no longer imprison and torture innocent people.


  1. Thank you for your kind words Randy.

  2. rodney if you want to communicate with me fb may not be the way! 978 798 4125