Saturday, September 24, 2022

I can see for miles and miles and miles, oh yeah... (Gabby, Faiza)

I don't know the history of remote viewing research, at least not as well as I know the history of LSD research. American intelligence officials and psychiatrists were in thrall to both subjects at different times from the 1950's almost through the end of the century, back before the study of the mind became a much duller, fully medicalized subject.

But the old song by The Who is relevant to this blog article. It's kind of the only way I can explain how I know the stuff I will describe here. If I didn't make that point right up front, I might precipitate a totally unnecessary freak-out over who on K Unit talks to Kretchmar. There could be frantic calls to Michelle Evans and Vicky Ingram, and maybe even IDHS counsel downtown: "What can be done about this lawyer?" Innocent low-level staff might be called in for questioning and the union would have to get involved. Innocent "patients" (slaves) would be subject to retribution, creating the royal nuisance of future legal claims.

K Unit at Elgin Mental Health Center is run by a psychiatrist named Faiza Kareemi, M.D. She will almost certainly deny that she's the boss -- but as the M.D. psychiatrist, she is undeniably "more equal than others" on the unit, and in theory she has real science of the brain at her disposal (right?) so she's just a little bit more adept at perceiving and predicting human behavior. Substantially lower on the K Unit food chain is an STA named Gabby Garcia. Gabby is only a small step above prison guard status, although that might make her good at hiding things from anyone less expert than Dr. Kareemi. Even lower than Gabby is one "patient" (slave) named Latwon, who lives (sort of) in room K 113.

Well, I have recently "seen" Gabby in Latwon's room, more than once. Other EMHC staff have seen this same violation with their physical eyes (not that I believe traditional visual perception is more reliable than my own weirder remote viewing), but the thing is nobody ever reports it. Gabby and Latwon used to be on L Unit together, where people started thinking of them as a romantic couple. They frequently sit at a table in the day room playing footsie and holding hands. Gabby puts her cell phone down by a deck of cards and Latwon picks it up for a while, maybe taking a picture or accessing the internet. (I don't know -- for some reason, electronic screens don't appear in my remote view, they're always blank.)

It's ironic that this has happened before to Faiza Kareemi. Her very own K Unit was where an infamous love affair between a staff and a patient crashed and burned big-time, in 2017. That Juliet and Romeo couple, who also got started on L Unit, accidentally locked themselves in an office (which just happens to be very close to Latwon's current room), and awkwardly alerted the whole facility to their trysting. Of course, Faiza was conveniently not at work that day, or otherwise credibly (she thinks) clueless.

I don't know whether Gabby Garcia is married with a couple of sons the same age as Latwon. That was the rather disgusting story in 2017, with that social worker and her patient who got caught. But then and now, the criminal allegation is "custodial sexual abuse". Gabby, I don't know you, but I rather hope they will not indict you or send you to prison or make you register as a sex offender.

On the other hand, Faiza! You are right there five days a week. This is happening only a few feet away from you and you don't see it because you don't want to. I do see it, though. Remember the words to the song:

Here's a poke at you, you're gonna choke on it too, you're gonna lose that smile, because all the while....

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

F Unit idiots

Some frickin' idiot on F Unit recently tried to talk one of the slaves there into compliance by telling him I took drugs once when I had brain surgery, therefore he shouldn't listen to me. A couple of things about this are interesting.

First... the fact that some low-level, support or pseudo-clinical staff, whose name I've never heard and don't even care to know, would bother to read a blog article that I wrote years ago, and go to the trouble to so crudely misinterpret that article in a way he thought might help control one of the slaves... must be quite a complement to my own intellectual or philosophical influence and authority inside EMHC, one of the most renowned psychiatric institutions in the country!

Second... the particular article was one of the most personal I ever wrote. It revealed my feelings and thoughts in a most vulnerable moment. With that article, I kind of opened myself up to people who consider me their enemy. I probably sacrificed my own HIPAA privacy right (although that is merely comedic). It is just very slightly unnerving, to hear that someone could read about surgeons breaking open my skull and scooping a bloody mass out of my brain while my family sat in a hospital waiting room wondering if I'd ever be the same, and then use that information to attempt to interfere in my relationship with a client.

Third... after rereading the article from January 14, 2018, I think it's pretty good, maybe even important, and I recommend it to everyone! It details my own subjective experience, which demonstrated to me the stark difference between competent (even miraculous) modern medicine and psychiatry. Good medicine helps people, even saves lives. Sometimes a patient has to be talked into it, like I had to be. Psychiatry never helps, it only insults and debilitates. People only accept it under duress or as a result of fraud.

My brain surgery five years ago was good medicine, it helped me, and the people who did it were brilliant and kind. There's no chance that B'Rock, the F Unit slave, will remember the staff who told him not to listen to me as helpful. He'll remember them as incompetent idiots. He'll probably get them fired, or at least nuisance transferred.

I'm not afraid of drugs, giving orders, taking orders, receiving force, administering force to others... but I know what help is and what it isn't. People who need to pretend that brutal, cynical, arrogant, lying control is medical help, or any other kind of help, are cowards.

Psychiatry then and now (same-same)

(These are ugly, historically related lies.)

Thursday, August 18, 2022

COWARDLY psychiatrists (LIARS!): Khan, Hussain

Testimony under oath, in open court, has to be true. So does a written report that is considered as evidence in any legal proceeding. If testimony or documents are untrue, that can be perjury, which can be prosecuted. At the very least, perjury discredits the perjurer.

Psychiatrists lie all the time, most fundamentally to themselves, about what they do. They tell everyone they help people with medical problems. But the only medical problems they deal with are the ones they invent or create. Occasionally psychiatrists do help people with problems in thinking, feeling or behaving, but these do not become medical problems unless or until drugs are prescribed, at which point the problems usually get worse, which means there is no help, but rather the opposite of help (harm).

This makes psychiatrists cowardly: they are being paid for something they know in their hearts they cannot do or deliver, and they are afraid that people might find out and stop paying them. So they have to lie more and more every day, they have to steal, and hide.

Syed Hussain recently testified in court that one of his patients is "not willing to take a paternity test..." (That's a quote from a transcript, by the way: page 15, line 6.) But that patient repeatedly asked to take the paternity test in question, as his social worker and his psychologist both confirmed in the presence of Hussain himself, who never bothered to contradict them. So the psychiatrist lied. He perjured himself.

Qura Khan recently wrote in a progress note, admissible as evidence, that one of her patients "...has factual knowledge of fitness material but does not have rational understanding due to psychiatric illness and refusing to take psychotropic medication." The only possible significance of that opinion is, the patient remains unfit to stand trial and can't get out. Yet, on the same day Khan wrote another note about the patient's "...fabricated statements (he reported that he was told by this writer that he will not get out of here until he takes meds)...". This second note was hand written by the lying psychiatrist! Again, perjury.

These people tend to complain that I am confrontational and hostile toward them, or that I threaten them, or that I presume to question their psychiatric "diagnoses" despite the holy and omnipotent authority of the Almighty DSM5.

They are correct on all accounts, but to no avail. I do confront them, I do call them liars, and I will sue them when they commit torts against people whom I represent, or if they violate the law. 

I certainly insist that their so-called "diagnoses" and their Almighty DSM5 are utter nonsense.

But I can honestly help them. And I don't have to pretend I'm a doctor.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Redux: Abused by a COWARDLY psychiatrist (Dr. J and the advice of J. Duncan Dooglethorpe)

    I can't help noticing that among the most popular articles I've ever written on this blog is my note about an ARDC complaint from more than eight years ago, and my attendant speculations at that time.

    I have been practicing law for a bit longer now, and I rather regret having created any impression that I would laugh at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Illinois Supreme Court. That could be perceived as disrespectful. My actual disrespect was in fact not toward the ARDC, but toward anyone who would file an anonymous complaint and expect to get action.

    When I complain or make an accusation, I put my name on it! I usually add my address and phone number. That's because I am fully confident that any person who intends me harm will run away when I confront them, and any person with good intent will be amenable to my sincere apology if the complaint or accusation turns out to be unfounded.

    I remember Dr. Alicia Martin, although not very well. She probably was not a bad person. I was critical of her (I called her an abuser) because she was a psychiatrist who coerced someone I advocated for. But I honestly don't remember the details behind what I wrote. Now, nearly eight years later, staff at EMHC apparently still read that one blog article more than almost any other....

    Or maybe it's just one person who is obsessed. Maybe it's a psychiatrist to whom I once referred as, "Dr. J". Maybe this is the same person who told the state police that I hated her, although I most assuredly never hated her. Maybe this is the "expert" in mental illness and human behavior who worked very closely, on the same clinical unit for many years, with a serial sex abuser of young black men in custody, the "expert" who now claims she never had any slightest clue (!), the "doctor" who could never act to protect her own patients.

    Or maybe I'm wrong, and you guys will all be laughing at me because Dr. J was so innocent and just couldn't care less about my opinion of her or of Dr. Martin, and never tried to get the ARDC to come after me by filing a complaint from "Anonymous". Maybe Dr. J was a victim, along with her patients, of the criminal genius abuser who had sex with involuntary patients many times over a period of many years, in offices within a few feet of Dr. J's own office, and nobody knew, nobody ever thought to look in through the large window in the office door....

    It may have been J. Duncan Dooglethorpe, who once said, "Never be afraid for people to think you're a fool. Never be embarrassed or intimidated! Just learn quickly enough that you can sneak up on the motherfuckers!"


Friday, July 15, 2022

"Time for a closer look..."

A series of articles is appearing on the website, about the Marilyn Lemak case (Naperville mom killed 3 kids, circa 2001).

Coincidentally with the appearance of this series and the recent Highland Park tragedy, my law partner and I are negotiating settlements and/or preparing for trials in six federal lawsuits against individuals in Illinois’ so-called “forensic mental health system”.

One of those defendants is James P. Corcoran, the top psychiatrist working for this state. In 2001, Corcoran was part of “Team Mental Health” in the Lemak case, and he reportedly interviewed Lemak 43 times. For many years he has appeared to me to be an archetype source/perpetrator, of one very BIG American situation which includes: failed mental health solutions, higher disability rates, higher depression rates, more suicides, more mass shootings, social despair, youth cynicism, drug addiction, etc., etc., ad nauseum

This top state psychiatrist’s evident lies and manipulations once caused my favorite judge, Earl B. Hoffenberg, to comment on the record in court, “I don’t even know what they’re doing anymore, at Elgin Mental Health Center!” 

Corcoran’s office and the Elgin plantation will likely be an early destination for Bobby Crimo III. You may recall that on two or more occasions in the past, the police investigated threats from this killer, but they never took his guns away, because "...mental health professionals were handling the matter." I think everyone can agree that if this is how mental health professionals handle threats, if this is the way they deal with insanity, if this is the "protection" they offer our communities, then we don't need them.

If the forensic mental health system were actually, openly selling Illinois taxpayers dead innocents, terror, tragedy, degradation... we would certainly refuse to buy it. If the taxpayers notice what they are really getting for their money, they will stop paying. Each one of several thousand individuals being held in psychiatric slavery in this state costs $800-1000 per day. When they are released, they will each be a greater threat than they ever were before. They absolutely will not be "cured" by psychiatric "treatment".

Since the pandemic, and maybe since the publicity in late 2017, about events behind our current lawsuits, Elgin Mental Health Center has been falling apart. In the last few days I've had conversations with patients and staff about unprecedented numbers of retirements, unprecedented simultaneous pressure from up the food chain in the Illinois Department of Human Services and from patients down on the clinical units, unprecedented levels of stress on the administration.

The author of the second article in the series wrote, “…in many cases, the shooters had been ‘in treatment’... It’s time for a closer look at the nature of that treatment.”

A closer look at the psychiatric plantations in Illinois will get lots of people in trouble. Here's the solution. Quit now, and close it down!

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Over the target

 It's fascinating how people give themselves away. I recently watched a TV series, The Lincoln Lawyer, which depicted an attorney who hired a professional poker player to consult on jury selection. What an amazing tactical idea! Witnesses who are lying, or who desperately try to avoid testifying so they won't have to lie, stand out like a sore thumb.

I almost have enough business, enough cases now, that I could be tempted to "save time" by backing off from resistance when I encounter it from opponents in litigation. My idol, W.T. "Billy the Torch" Sherman was supposedly more circumspect than his contemporaries Grant and Lee, preferring to break off combat when it appeared too costly, in favor of operational and strategic maneuver. It's a normal human reaction: "Hey, let's look for an easier hill to take, this one is too strongly defended." Sherman was brilliant.

On the other hand, the flak gets heaviest when you are over the target. If you are not attacked you might not be on target. I have frequently been attacked, by the plantation overseers and the slave masters at Elgin Mental Health Center; and funny thing (!), the attacks are almost always about this blog. It rather amazes me that virtually all of my readers are EMHC staff (plus an occasional family member of an EMHC "patient", and one notable Assistant Illinois Attorney General). I usually tweet about each new article when I first post it. But the one thing that predictably increases my readership the most is when I put some overseer's name in the headline.

I'm not putting anyone's name in today's headline. But I'm as convinced as I've ever been that we are over the target. The sexual abuse cases keep on coming to our law firm, and there will be several new filings before the end of this year. Almost everyone who ever calls me has some story, mild or severe, that dovetails with the theme that forensic psychiatric "patients" in Illinois are seen by the people running the system as property. If a social worker or some other kind of middling overseer wants to use that property for their private sexual gratification, they feel entitled and everyone else will turn a blind eye. Sean Gunderson's recent article for Mad In America is probably the best explanation of this.

Elgin patients are psychiatric slaves. They know it very well. The public knows it, too, when they hear or read about custodial sexual abuse. Hitting that target will be effective.